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Katrina Missions Work

March 30, 2007

Wanted to plug the people at Central Christian Church in Pascagoula, MS.  John, Dave and of course God has got it going on down there.  Most notably today John put on his blog the need for skilled workers to rebuild a house for an elderly couple in Pascagoula. The couple has the money for the repairs but […]

Follow the Rabbi

March 27, 2007

Here is a link I came across. It looks really good. Maybe it will be something of use.  Its called, “Follow the Rabbi.”

To Help the Helpless

March 26, 2007

   Being in any kind of social related work can be difficult. As I write this I don’t exclude myself from at times being a pain to someone else but I wanted to share with you one of the hardest things I deal with in ministry. It is the process of helping people and them not […]

Is Fair Trade a Fair Trade?

March 24, 2007

   I will admit that I am a little short on my opinion of Fair Trade Products. Having been a passioned coffee drinker for awhile now I have come across the path of a few Fair Trade Coffee’s. I have had the Fair Trade Sumatran and now have some Ethiopian Sidamo in my pantry as I speak. […]

It’s Free!

March 21, 2007

Saw this on Chad Doerr’s blog and then a friend sent it as well. Looks good so check it out.  LifeChurch.TV

Where He leads me…

March 20, 2007

  The above picture was taken while we were in Pascagoula, MS. last week on our set up trip. As I have mentioned we went down to see the work being done and to get a better idea of what we can expect when we take our group down this summer. I have to first […]

Wake Up!

March 19, 2007

Its hard to know where to start. A friend advised that I take my laptop and blog the whole trip. But sometimes its good to get away from the tech stuff and just ride. So I will attempt in short blog entries to tell of our trip down to Pascgoula, MS.  As I told you in […]

Where I’m Bound I can’t tell

March 12, 2007

 This week we will be going down to Pascagoula, Miss. to view some of the Katrina damage. It is a part of our summer mission trip planning. We are working with a great mission organization, Teen Mission, USA.  Now I know that when you think of Pascagoula you may not think of Katrina, but instead […]

Immortality of a Father

March 10, 2007

  This past week my father was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Thankfully it’s not type one. With proper diet and effort he can avoid type one which is the insulin shots and other more complicated circumstances.   Hearing this brought about a flood of emotions. For a few years now I have been looking […]

Shot Down at the Prime Age of 66

March 7, 2007

   Captain America is no more! News today is out after Marvel released its newest issue of CA. Reports say that CA was leaving a courthouse when a snipers bullet took him down. As someone who was an avid reader in my youth it is a sad affair. Of course we can always rely on the […]