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Evolution of a Coffee Lover

Today I brewed a cup of coffee as I always do. But as I was drinking my
Seattle’s Best coffee I realized that a once loved brew was now sub par. Now don’t get me wrong I like Seattle’s Best. They make the best espresso using Henry’s Blend Coffee. A deep nutty taste that I really like. For me coffee is best when it has some form of earthy taste as well.
As I pondered this conundrum of why this cup was not as good as I remembered I started to remember how the journey began that would end with my seemingly pompous superior coffee loving nose rising to such heights. 

Growing up I hated coffee, but as I have grown older I see that it was not French Presscoffee that was the enemy it was the poor ignorant people from church who used a percolator to brew coffee. A process that is pure evil as it runs the water/coffee mix over the grinds repeatedly. It produces high acidity, bitterness and a burnt taste. I know that Satan invented this machine so that people would be oppressed by the demon of bad coffee.  

Things changed a few years ago when I was the Dean at a Church Camp. A fast paced and long hours kind of job. The evolution began when the need to be on top of my game mixed and formed with the fatigue of being the big guy to form a 3 cup a day person. From there the evolution began. At first it was the more cream and sugar the better no matter the brand of coffee. Upon arriving home I began to buy Great Value Coffee. It was great. As time passed I started to progress. Soon it was Charbucks (Starbucks) but I got over that fast as you can tell by the nick name. I moved on to Seattle’s Best. Great stuff. Enjoyed it many times over. It was the best I was in bliss. 

Being an impassioned person it did not stop there. In time I had to grow. I needed the best. Watching TV one night someone remarked that they used a French Press  to process coffee. It produced a highly concentrated and bold cup. You guessed it, I had to have one. If you want to brew good coffee you need a press. I have also purchased a Burr Grinder so that I can get the best grounds possible. If you buy pre-ground coffee then shame on you. It dies the moment you grind it. If it sits in the bag for two months then its dead.   But back to my journey. I have since moved on to drinking only the very best I can find.

No I haven’t given in to the temptation to buy Copi Luwak. Partially b/c its thirty-five dollars for five oz. and also b/c something does not set well about coffee that processes in an animals intestines and exits his rump. I do get my coffee from a local roaster, Lexington Tea and Coffee House. They roast on site guaranteeing the coffee is only a maximum of two weeks old. Most factory bagged stuff can be anywhere from two months and older. 

So there you have it. From a hunched over Great Value coffee drinker with extra cream to an upright intelligent drinker of freshly ground pressed coffee.  


10 Responses to “Evolution of a Coffee Lover”

  1. You know, I’ve noticed that our culture in general has progressed in the snobbery evolution on a lot of things. Used to be that coffee was coffee: you either got it caf or decaf and could customize it with either cream and/or sugar. Now, of course, even gas stations and fast food places appeal to our snobbery with claims of “gourmet” coffee. One local fast food place even claims to have Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, as does Speedway gas stations.
    But, it’s not just coffee anymore. There’s water, or course, which has been in the snobbery circuit as long as coffee with things like Evian (naive spelled backwards) and Perrier being around a while. But I noticed that CHOCOLATE is now in the snobbery circuit. Do you want 65% cacao, or 50%? Whereas a chocolate bar was normally just a Hersheys, now they have Hershey’s Reserve and whatnot.

    What next? Gourmet gasoline for our cars?

    You’re right, though, once you go to good coffee, it’s hard to go back. The people at church can’t understand how I can love coffee SOOOOO much but won’t drink the church coffee. I actually bring my own thermos to church…

  2. Did I ever tell you I got a french press??? I love it.

  3. You told me. Remember I was about to buy you one for Christmas and you told us in an email that you were getting one from a family member.

    Is it worn out yet? How often do you use it? I use my press about three times a week or more. I can see its wearing out. But that is perhaps a lot of use for even a good press like a bodum.

  4. There’s your picture!

    I use it 3 or 4 times a week. I do love it.

  5. And I thought I was the ONLY one that bought a French Press at the urging of the Kentuckiseurr of coffee, the Jethro of Java.
    Yep–I bought one. Been using it for several months. Feels like a chemistry experiment every time I brew; that’s part of the fun.

    Coffee with a head. What a marvelous idea. Then I read Bible talk about wine dregs, and my coffee has dregs–and BAM! I have bridged the gap from the ancient world to today with my hot beverage.

    BTW the Copi Luwak is just nasty. From your description I imagined a small mammal that you keep in on your counter, squeeze its middle, “harvest” the beans, and grind them immediately. If such a plan ever comes to market, I recommend going with a “Curious George” theme. As that show says, “George is monkey and he can do things that you can’t do.”

  6. Dave,

    You mean like this pic:

    Glad you have a press. Its the best. Course this picture might turn you off forever. I will be honest I am curious to try it. But its a crap shoot. They say if the Luwak has been eating nothing but the cherries then the coffee is very nice. If they have been eating small animals as well it will have a gamey kind of taste. So that would not be cool.

  7. […] friend Dave commented in, “Evolution of a Coffee Lover,” but my attempt to put the pic in my comment did not work. So better yet so all can see Kopi […]

  8. Is it me, or do Jason and Brandon look alike, except one has cheesy facial hair? No, wait, they both do… hmm, seperated at birth?

  9. Well now, I see you go to a local roaster and buy preroasted coffee that is up to two weeks old. If you want some really good and really fresh coffee then home roast it yourself and not only see but taste the difference. There’s a gazillion places online where you can buy green beans and do it yourself. But, there’s probably some prohibition or problem using energy that could more properly be devoted to lighting all those neon signs in Las Vegas. And, the best part: you don’t need to invest in an expensive home roasting machine. A $6.47 wire screen colander from the local Target store will do just fine. I should know. And, your choice of green beans is virtually unlimited, and you’ll know that no rain forest was destroyed . You can even buy from the coffee farm direct and all the while support the local farmer and do your part in preserving the environment all while slurping some of the world’s best coffees, at less than the cost of a trip to that local roaster.

  10. I have thought about home roasting but didn’t know how easy it was or how costly it got considering one would have to assume the novice like mess-ups will occur until you get the hang of it.

    I do know that green beans are not as costly as beans that are already roasted. I did know that you can use generally anything from a pot to a old popcorn popper.


    Thanks for putting on a comment. I am curious as to what you do and how long it took you to get good at it. I would love to know the ends and outs. It would be fun to give it a go sometime.

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