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For My Friend Dave

 My friend Dave commented in, “Evolution of a Coffee Lover,” but my attempt to put the pic in my comment did not work. So better yet so all can see Kopi Luwak in action I made it a full story.

 Now since Dave is now hunched over his toilet as we speak I will go on to talk to all of you. I will be honest and say that I have wondered what Kopi Luwak would taste like. It is very costly but it would be worth it just once. The only drawback is I have heard it is a crap shoot as far as the kind of coffee you will end up with. If the Luwak has been eating on the coffee cherries then the coffee will have a nice taste. If they have been eating small animals and insects as well then it will have a gamey animal taste. Not something I would look forward to.

Now that Dave is back I will leave him with one more image:



3 Responses to “For My Friend Dave”

  1. You said: “The only drawback is I have heard it is a crap shoot as far as the kind of coffee you will end up with. ” Be honest, was that intentional or not?

    Either way, it’s pretty danged funny!

  2. Yeah, there was certainly a play on words.

    Hey, just now noticed that the display poop looks like a payday.

  3. Here I was thinking I was being original with that whole counter-top mammal thing, and you had to go and harsh my mellow by posting, not just a picture, but an actual animation!
    (Or would that be an animalation?)

    Thanks for thinking of me while spouting off about the most “organic” coffee you can find.

    BTW there is a variation of this story in the book “Exodus to a Hidden Valley” about the Morse family in Burma. One of the boys followed an animal (I think it might have been a civet) and discovered that it’s pile was full of uncracked nuts. So he gathered the nuts, cleaned them, and served them to the family. THEN he told them of the unique way they were harvested.

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