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When the Moo-sic Fades


Being a minister I am constantly trying to keep my finger on the pulse of the community. Where its future is leading and what they plan to do as a part of that future.  

The other night I attended a Community Growth Action meeting. This meeting was led by a task force designed 2 years ago to investigate and draw up a game plan to see where they are headed in the future. They were also to plan where they would like to see their community go as far as economic and social expansion. It was an informative meeting, but it was a sad meeting. They seemed to be in a state of denial or had blinded themselves to a simple concept. 

  • The county was growing and their way of life was changing whether they liked it or not.

Now don’t get me wrong I grew up in a rural community. I loved that fact that growing up I could go wonder the land b/c my grandfather owned as far as the eye could see. Or that I could trust my neighbor’s b/c they had been there all my life. But as time passed those trappings of the simple life began to disappear. As people moved both north from a booming city and others moved south from an equally booming city our way of life began to shrink. Couple that with the decline of the small independent farmer and what we knew when I was a child was no more.  

This is the same position this rural county I minister in finds itself today. People no longer want the city life that was so appealing 50 years ago. They no longer want the hustle of life. They don’t mind driving and so they are buying up land to build. There is also the problem of over population in the cities and this is causing developers to come and buy up land in rural areas. 

For these people change is coming and they can’t stop it. Sure change is not always easy to accept, but as I listened to one after the other speak about preserving what has been their tradition I thought how sad. Sad b/c here is an opportunity for them to see their community grow. Maybe not in the direction they want but in a direction the county needs. Simply put the life they are trying to sustain does not exist anymore. Small farmers cannot make it on they’re own and who among them wouldn’t sell out if a developer came offering 2200 dollars an acre? That’s his golden ticket. It’s not a tough choice. Keep my 50 head of cattle that are not paying off or sell out and eliminate many financial worries.  

They also talked about promoting agricultural training for our younger generation, so that this tradition of farming would carry on. The only problem is the younger generation knows better. They see the labor put in is not worth the pay out. That is why the average age of the typical farmer is 55. Young persons don’t want to put their lives into a job that does not make ends meet. Even during the days when small time farmers did work the land he still had to trek to the local factory everyday just to balance it out. 

So to have the good businesses come in that will grow the community they must give up on the “preserve our way of life,” mentality. I say that with deepest respect and concern knowing 15 years ago I saw my own homeland go through the same thing.  

So what this sleepy community and others like it that are seeing an influx of people, developers and outside businesses need to ask themselves is… 

  • Are you going to fight it and gain nothing from what will happen anyway or get on board and profit from inevitable change?


4 Responses to “When the Moo-sic Fades”

  1. I grew up half of my childhood in the city and the second half through high school in rural farming midwest. The boomers have problems with change. They don’t want it in the community or the Church. Our Church welcomes it, but I know that we are a minority. Great thoughts and a wonderful article. Bottome line; Change or perish!

  2. Great article. As one who has spent time in the City and in rural farming America. I could not agree more. The boomers have a hard time with change, but it is coming whether they want it to or not. The bottom line is; Change or Perish!

  3. Great Article!!! Right on with your thoughts!

  4. Jeff,

    Sorry for the late reply, but my blog was marking you as spam. Got you fixed now.

    Thanks for the kind words.

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