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Shot Down at the Prime Age of 66


 Captain America is no more! News today is out after Marvel released its newest issue of CA. Reports say that CA was leaving a courthouse when a snipers bullet took him down. As someone who was an avid reader in my youth it is a sad affair. Of course we can always rely on the comic book universe that plays by its own rules to bring him back in the near future as so many others have had done.

One does have to ask if this is some kind of symbolism?

  •  Is CA’s death a symbol of America dying some kind of death?
  • Is CA, who stood for American Justice and right, being symbolized as the death of right in america?
  • Is CA’s death some kind of Anti War statement?

Its probably just a means to sell more comics. But alas farewell old friend out there in the comic book universe waiting for enough hate mail to come into Marvel Comics that you are resurrected or they turn you into a movie.


3 Responses to “Shot Down at the Prime Age of 66”

  1. Fascinating.

    I did hear about this. What I didn’t know was that Captain America was created to boost the morale of Americans during WWII.

    Don’t we need some morale now? Is killing off Captain America gonna do that?

  2. Dude I think all people right and left would agree that this thing is a mess. It will take more than someone writing a story line so the a guy can add animated scenes to paper.

    I am all for America standing up for herself and protecting the innocent, but there are too many factors that have caused this thing to spiral out of control. Would like to go into those but part of me wants to keep this blog semi even group w/out seeming extreme.

  3. Looked like I didn’t really answer your question. CA was a moral booster in WWII. Course that was back in the day when we knew who the enemy was and was able to go after them in any form. Now days if someone wrote something like about our current enemy the ACLU would be up in arms and there would be bombings all over the place.

    Sad, I think this war would be over if America did not have to play “nice.” War is not nice. Our enemies know it. That is why they are winning.

    Well I said I would keep it light but probably didn’t.

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