I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Immortality of a Father


This past week my father was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Thankfully it’s not type one. With proper diet and effort he can avoid type one which is the insulin shots and other more complicated circumstances.  

Hearing this brought about a flood of emotions. For a few years now I have been looking at something happen that is very hard to digest and impossible to control.  

  • My parents are getting older.

Now for a little boy there is a great deal of fear when he begins to see his father grow older. Many of you who had moderately normal childhoods as I did may understand this, but for the most part children see their father as immortal. The statement made that for a young child the father is a look at what God might be like. We look to him for many God like supports. He meets our needs, he is strong when we are week, and he is soft when it comes time for him to be soft. So for me this might be true. 

However you see your father there is something that hits home when we begin to see failings in them. The progression is very hard for me right now, b/c of the esteem and respect I have for my father who was very strong and embodied in many imperfect ways the God figure.  

I have noticed… 

  • He can no longer stand the cold as he once did.

  • Doesn’t go out and work as much but is more content to stay in.

  • I have helped with things that he would have normally done himself.

  • He is starting to show the frailty of worn knees, bad back, and a softening of once tough hands.

As sad as this makes me it also gives me a great deal of resolve. I see the time slipping away and so now I am making the time to enjoy with him. I realize the day will come when he will not longer be able to go with me to some recreational activity. Or that he will not be the once sharp minded person he was. Once that time is gone from an earthly stand point it’s gone. I hope that my little post will help you see the importance of enjoying the time you have with your fathers b/c the time will be gone soon.  

For me this time the last few years has been very special. I spent several years in obstinate rebellion against my father. Then a few more working several extra jobs to dig my way out of the hole that rebellion caused. Only now do I have the time and energy to make more time for my father. Our relationship is better than it’s ever been. Nothing says, “I love you,” more than to have my father make a remark like, “It’s getting warmer, we can go fishing.”  When it does get warm that’s what we will do. I won’t let a single moment get by. I hope you won’t either. 

“I love you, dad…”


2 Responses to “Immortality of a Father”

  1. Hey homey,

    I sent an email talking about coming to grips with our father’s mortality. And as I re-read your post, you said it all much better than I.

  2. Hey Skub (pronounced Skoob),

    This was a very tender piece. I’m glad you realize all this before it would be too late. Again, well said.

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