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Where I’m Bound I can’t tell

 This week we will be going down to Pascagoula, Miss. to view some of the Katrina damage. It is a part of our summer mission trip planning. We are working with a great mission organization, Teen Mission, USA. 

Now I know that when you think of Pascagoula you may not think of Katrina, but instead the classic Ray Stevens song about a feisty church going squirrel. Who wouldn’t? That song is classic. Most the people of Pascagoula probably hate being known for a song that by chance happened to contain the towns name.

But back the to the real need. It should come as no surprise to most of you that the Katrina area is still in some ways a mess. Even though in some areas life seems to have gone on others have not.   We are traveling down to see that the work continues so many can continue with their lives. Not sure what the needs are at this moment, but it seems that much of the help that should be there is not. I have heard that government support is none existent. The support that is there is waning. There is an article on the net this morning saying that FEMA was removing many from the trailers they had put up.  I am sure by the time the red tape is ran through and pockets are padded there is little left for the common person. I have been told my some that if it were not for the help of charitable organizations and churches there would be no help at all.  

Where did the billions of tax payers dollars go to? That I don’t know, but it seems evident that that money is limited and the world has moved on to other more pressing issues, like whether the world is subject to global warming, making sure that New Orleans has Marti Gras so many can indulge themselves in perversion, or the political fight over who will win in 2008 while our fellow Americans suffer.  If this sounds like a rant well I guess it sort of is. Course I have not seen the situation and will feel better equipped to give serious thought to the lives of those in Miss/LA after we return.  

But for now lets just try to not forget those who do suffer and strive to help them.


6 Responses to “Where I’m Bound I can’t tell”

  1. Be careful, and definitely keep us updated with what is going on down there. Like you, I’ve been wondering what it’s really like, if the devastation is still bad, if the people are recovering, if the need is still great, etc. I don’t feel like we get an accurate story from the media, I’m looking forward to your opinion of what it’s like after all this time. Just don’t let them give you coffee with chicory in it… yuk!

  2. I plan to take lots of pics to show to the people at church so they can see where we are going. Then I will sell them to the highest bidder. Probably some trench coated person who will, after the transaction, put a bullet in my head.

  3. Take your laptop and blog as you go!

  4. Hey, Thanks for coming our way. It was a joy to meet you guys. If you post your pictures on the net somewhere I’d love to see them. We look forward to your coming back to the Coast. The group from Penn State is gearing up to head home tomorrow … leaving 75 degree weather for snow on the ground. Looking forward to keeping up with you on your blog as well!

  5. John,

    Love the pic on your comments. You look like a beat poet or an artist.

    I plan to blog it all in time. I have not yet b/c I came right back from the trip and served at the Community Center to hand out canned goods to the elderly and then came back home and had to crank out a sermon in 4 hours. I will probably get to it Monday.

  6. […] I told you in Where I am Bound I Can’t Tell, we were going down to MS to check out the Katrina work that is being done. It is our intentions to […]

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