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Wake Up!


Its hard to know where to start. A friend advised that I take my laptop and blog the whole trip. But sometimes its good to get away from the tech stuff and just ride. So I will attempt in short blog entries to tell of our trip down to Pascgoula, MS.

 As I told you in Where I am Bound I Can’t Tell, we were going down to MS to check out the Katrina work that is being done. It is our intentions to be part of the relief effort this summer. Having gone let me say that in only three days I was really touched. If you keep your ears open and eyes open down there it doesn’t take much to hear some great stories of how God changed lives in the midst of this terrible devastation.

I titled this one wake up b/c of one of those stories I found when I arrived. I hope John Dobbs doesn’t mind me recounting this event. John and others told us that before Katrina hit the church he pastors at, Central Church of Christ, (CCoC) was shall we say, “too cozy,” with the status quo. They were not willing to reach out and help those around them. Not an uncommon occurrence for many churches today. So don’t think CCoC the worse of all churches. But certainly like so many they had lost site of the real goal of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. John was hard pressed to know what would motivate this group of people to see more than the club-like gathering.

After Katrina all that changed.

And I don’t want to get into the theology of the thing. “Did God send it?” “Did God allow it?” “Was God PO’d at New Orleans and brought judgement?” It is beyond us to know in many cases.

But what matters is after Katrina this church began to rise up and take charge of the needs of the community. Sure some didn’t want to and didn’t want to help thinking it would mean giving up some of their club membership perks, but over all the whole church, as sudden as waters washed over the town, were washed with a new spirit of purpose. With the help of John, the minister and other God sent people they began to really make a difference.

In our set-up meeting John told us that before Katrina CCoC had a very poor name in the community. Not even a blip on the radar of people to go to for help. But in the course of that meeting he remarked that when we are out during our visit and on our trip this summer if we want to get our foot in the door with the people we need only say one sentence. “I am with Central Church of Christ.”

That is a testament of the greatness of God. To go from a nobody church that people down right did not like to a secret buzz word that would get you instant access b/c of the impact this church has made.

It is great to see that God can make some of the most dire situations or seemingly doomed ones alive again.

  • For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

7 Responses to “Wake Up!”

  1. Great comments, Jason. And that goes a lot with what I’ve been talking about on my blog. I would rather a church be well known and have a good name because of the work of Christ that they are doing than for the cool toilet or big building. When people see us acting like Christ they will notice and will glorify God. Can’t wait to hear what God does for you and your church once you all go down there this summer!

  2. Hard to put into words a trip like that, but it was great. And it was an eye opener.

  3. Thanks, Jason, for your good comments. The only ammendment I would make is that Central really wasn’t a church that people didn’t like … it was more that they passed by every day and never even knew we were there. But I want you to write your thoughts as you received them. Call ’em like you see ’em brother! Your perceptions and your reflections are very valuable to me. I look forward to hearing more of what you thought! And I’m so glad to have a new blog friend!

  4. John,

    I was really worried you would not like what I had to say. I am glad the story was close. I can’t remember who told me about the church not being liked. It might have been like any good story there are points to it that are stretched and give it that much more life.

    It could be my own perception. Being from the Christian Churches we often feel like the middle road between the DOC and the COC. Could be since many COC churches get bad press I first thought of them as being unbending when it was said they were not outgoing or externally focused.

    Either way all that matters is the transformation.

  5. […] Jason writes about his trip to Pascagoula. […]

  6. Thanks for sharing Jason. It never ceases to amaze me how tradgedy can really bring God’s people together. I only wish that the National News stations would report great stories like this.

  7. Jeff,

    Thanks. Part of me wants to email a Sean Hannity or someone like that and show them but then I wonder if that kind of press would be bad. Maybe the government would try to take over or something goofy like that. Or just that the media would be no help and just exploit it.

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