I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Where He leads me…


The above picture was taken while we were in Pascagoula, MS. last week on our set up trip. As I have mentioned we went down to see the work being done and to get a better idea of what we can expect when we take our group down this summer.

I have to first say that Shout Student Ministries came up with a great tile here. And thank Gary Blake from Hill-n-Dale Christianin Lexingtown, Ky for taking the picture. Gary is one of the ones who went with us last week andwill be taking a group down in the summer.

I am not sure who came up with the idea of painting tiles to display but it was a great way for those who have been down to leave their mark on the trip. Course they have left marks in other ways in the area in painted walls, mowed lawns, distributed food, and other life changing services. But the tiles were a way for those down there to show in some way a mark of who they are and what happened while they were there.

This tile stood out to me. I hope Shout won’t get mad at me for saying it wasn’t the best one up there as far as artistic talent. There were some there that looked great. Here though was a message that I feel sums up the attitude of anyone who chooses to go on a mission trip.

  • Where He leads me I will follow. What He feeds me I will swallow.

Few eventsin our ministries will try our willingness like a mission trip. We are often at the mercy of uncontrolled elements. Being in America we simply do not want to be at the mercy of anyone. So any trespassing upon our notion of total control makes us uncomfortable.

On this trip I saw many things that will certainly make my group “uncomfortable” and I put my hands together and do a Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, “Excellent” I want my group to be uncomfortable. I want to allow them to be stretched and bent some. They will. Sure it won’t be as severe as some places, but they have to start somewhere.

Ken Henderson, Director at Teen Mission, told me on one foreign trip before they could eat they had go into the dining area and run the rats off. He said rats there were the size of a cat. Now that is uncomfortable.

But there will be things that will make this trip one to stretch people. Living quarters can be cramped. We may or may not have mattresses, depending on whether or not they are distributed to the needy or not. There will be showers but not the three times a day we get used to. There will be food, but not the food we may choose to eat. (Btw, the food there in the kitchen at Pascagouls, MS was great. They did a great job.) We will also have to work. Physical labor is not something many are used to. So this will stretch people. To have to get down in the dirt and work. I told my group Sunday night expect to get dirty and stay that way for the full week. Not b/c the church, kitchen or sleeping quarters are neglected but b/c much is a work in progress and much like camp when you are roughing it even the clean clothes seem dirty.

Willingness is going to be tested mentally as well. The physical is tested so now comes the need to watch the mental breakdown. To realize that you might get tired of your bunk mates. You might get tired of the food. You might get tired of being dirty. You have to dig deep to be willing to see it through. Keep your mouth shut about things that you can let go.

Lastly, willingness will be tested spiritually. We sing songs often times about laying it all down. We pray prayers about giving it up to God. We read scripture about giving it all up. Do we mean it? Do we really mean that we are going to go the full extent for Jesus Christ? That’s a big question. For those of us with relatively easy lives its so common to become comfortable with the easy way. On this trip or any other point will we be willing to lay ourselves down?

One of my best prayers that I pray is not a long one. Or a pretty one. But its the best one b/c it puts the ball in God’s court. It gives him the control.

  • God, show me what you have for me today.

Open my eyes so that I can see and be ready to go with you where you are going.


2 Responses to “Where He leads me…”

  1. Great post, Jason. I have a folder with pictures of many of the ceilig piles on my webshots page if anyone is interested. The link is: and look for the folder that says ceiling tiles. I believe the idea was the brainchild of Jeff Campbell, who volunteered here for several months. You are a leader, Jason. After reading this post I’m ready to go with you to Pascagoula … and I’m already here!

  2. John,

    Your too kind. I am thankful for the words that lift me up. My group is one that has not done anything like this. So bending them will be a challenge. You might find me in the summer trip bound and duct taped in a closet somewhere if they turn on me. They might Caesarize me. I told all my congregants that I wanted them at the end of 07 to be able to say they are more than they were at the beginning. I can think of no other single event that will do that then to go on a mission trip.

    As far as serving with us it did make me want to ask, “How often do you get to go out and help?” I know you have admin work that takes up a lot of time in addition to your usual church efforts. So do you ever get to go out and get your hands dirty?

    Thanks for the link. The pic in mine was good but we really didn’t get many good shots of them.

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