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Leaving Too Early

I am not a big Bob Huggins fan by any means. And this is not meant to bash him in anyway. As you will see its more of a leading into another question.

It was confirmed that Bob Huggins (BH) would be leaving Kansas State as the head B-ball coach to go to coach at West Virginia this next season. This took place after only coaching at K-State for one year. Now as most of you know BH went to K-State after the last few years at Cincinnati being shaky b/c of poor life choices he had made. So K-State gave him a second chance to make it happen again. He did well there. They were excited and the program according to reports had done a complete turn around.

But now BH is leaving. Whether its a mistake or not remains to be seen. But the question is this…

  • Does one leave this kind of job when in a sense the job is left undone for a better opportunity?

IMHO Bob had a lot left to do at K-State. He was there only a year and so I am sure his vision there and work that could be done was not even off the ground. So to leave prematurely would not only put off some people but also maybe leave things undone. Now I can’t fault BH for going. When that magic door opens then sometimes you need to step through be it a year or ten.

Now as you might imagine we are going to go into my profession for a second.

  • Should a minister feel the obligation to stay at a church if the work is still in it infancy or should he be open to go for a church that would better suit his needs?
  • Should a minister feel guilty that he has let the church down or should he be free to make a career move if all the right signs are a go?

This conversation has come up several times among me and my friends. (Please note EBCC readers, I am not leaving you. That is not the reason for this post.) Do we have an obligation to stay if the big career move opens up? Do we stay put and pass up a golden opportunity?

Its too hard to tell. It is further complicated b/c the minister is view as less a professional person and more a spiritual person. So to leave too soon would mean that you are not hanging a program or company out to dry, you are hanging people out to dry. But one could also make the point that if one is faithful to God then any job be it minister or mailman should be seen from a certain spiritual point of view before taking off. I believe that God allows for even the mail man’s job to exist for a reason.

Then there is the potential reputation problems. The word on the street will be, “He was just in it for the money,”or “he moved on b/c it was a better career move.” That paints a less than spiritual picture.

My feelings is it is a two fold deal.

  1.  The spiritual is there. Be it 1 month or fifteen years at a church there will be points were the power of God will make it evident that you should make a change. He will open all the right doors and give all the right signs.
  2. The Career. For a minister there are still choices based on career or needs. What does his family need both finanically and otherwise. If the people of the church can freely take and drop jobs for the sake of family why not the minister as well? Also, b/c ministers are driven to do their best and maximize their potential to reach people for Jesus Christ then at times a move to another church that might better allow for that mission to blossom might be in order.

In the end it is a balance issue. It must be weighed out carefully and prayed about hard. It cannot be taken w/out much forethought.

Perhaps you have thought about this. Please share as you wish.


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