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Explosive Genius

Not My Guitar but Close 

 I have in many ways attempted to put on this blog the things that I like or do. Hobbies, books and etc.

 Today I wanted to speak about my love for playing the guitar. This serves as a great way to relax or expand my brain. Music as its been long publicized is a great way to stretch your mind. If you have always wanted to play its not really all that hard in general and the guitar is not that expensive.

Now for me its the guitar. It always has been the guitar. I don’t have a lot of music theory, but I do have some basic knowledge. Specifically its the acoustic guitar. Never really been into the electric. Would like to learn bass one day though.

 But the guitar is great. I have been playing for about 10 years now. Off and on really as time dictates. It seems to come and go. I will find myself going in cycles. Thus the name for this blog entry. I will go a long time w/out being able to play something and then poof one day I will sit down and have it down. Or I will go months w/out learning any songs and sit down and learn 5 or 6 in the span of a week. Its weird. Its sort of a phase or ebb and flow kind of thing.

I think it also depends on your own life cycle. Where are you at and what you are interested in. I have been playing a lot of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and Bob Dylan lately. I am severely put out by some of the music of today. I really think the popular music stinks. So these three have caught my eyes as of late. They are somewhat challenging to me.

I don’t play live anywhere, although at times I have entertained the idea. I have always told myself that the guitar is a hobby for me and not for live performing. Course I also think that is a cop out for losers who are no good or too scared to play in front of anyone. I did play Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby by George Harrison, at a talent show so my daughter could sing it. Good song.

But I am very much at ease when I am playing guitar at home. And since I am at a point of high stress in my life it has certainly been helpful to relax and play and veg.

Hope you have an outlet to relax with. If you play any instrument feel free to share.


2 Responses to “Explosive Genius”

  1. Good thoughts Jason, the only instrument I play anymore is a cd player. I used to pick around ont he guitar years ago as a youth, but could never seem to master it. I could pick it more like a banjo but I don’t seem to have much rythym. I did love playing and singing as long as I was the only one home. If I could have any talent I wanted it would be the talent of music, but alas, it seems that’s one of the gifts the Lord didn’t give me. I simply make a joyful Noise unto the Lord.

  2. Thanks for posting. I think unless you really work at it all the time its hard to be really good. I have only been able to polish my skills in the last few years. The rythm is hard to do, but once you get it down its great the ways you can make a G sound totally different each time. The other hard part for me was getting to a point that the right hand could work its own thing while the left did its own thing. Then add singing and it only gets harder.

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