I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

The Right Choice

You would have to live in a cave to not know about the recent events that are taking place at Virginia Tech. Before I jump into my thoughts about a directly related topic I want to say how much we all surely feel the hurt for this event. Occurrences like this only fuel our understanding that the world is not all together sane with the problems it faces. That the sins of this world are numerous.

We really don’t know what happened as of yet. There are a number of speculations going around. As I write this I don’t think they have even found concretely the gunner. But one fact remains. Many died and it is a tragedy.

 One thing that stood out to me was how quickly people only after 12 hours had passed turned on the university and on the security there. Fingers are being pointed and shouts of terminations fill the air. Now let me say if indeed someone did something that was beyond negligent. If the Vtech Prez did just sit around day dreaming while this all went down and did nothing then perhaps something is in order. But my feeling is if all those involved in the campus security issue did their very best then what more can be asked?

I know that is heartless to say in view of 33 deaths, but with a senario with multiple variables involved its hard to say what should have been done. On CNN a Vtech student pointed that out clearly. Its too easy to sit back and sort it out after the fact. Some of the reports say that they initially believed it was an isolated incident. A domestic problem. That it was not something that warranted shutting the school down. When they did decide to do so many were already to class and so they chose to wait till they were secure in class and then lock them down. Course in hindsight one could say that it should have been done regardless just in case it was more or even sooner than class time. But we all must come back to reality and realize this kind of decision is probably presented to the Vtech Prez and security everyday and they choose not to shut down and nothing happens. Yet this one time seeming so much like the rest and they have failed. I wonder if those same ones who cried foul this time would have been the loudest voice to complain about the interruption of their classes and general day b/c the Prez did the safe thing?

Again, if someone was purposly neglagant then so be it. They should stand for their actions. But this does not seem to be one of those cases.

It saddens me that we expect human reaction to be perfect when it is not. When soldiers in Iraq are condemned b/c a civilian is wrongly killed in the line of duty. Is it sad? Yes, but in a world were again, the variables and thus decisions are numerous what can one do? When women are dressed up to appear pregnant so they can walk unabated through the check point and blow up. When everyone is a potential bomber be it a child or the guy who has been enlisted in the Iraqi army for months then you can’t always tell what the reaction will be. There are other instances of this being the case. Being put in that situation we ourselves do not know what it is we would have done. I don’t know what I would have done. Run into the dorms as an officer to action or hide under a bush sobbing.

In times like these we cannot demand perfection from the imperfect. We cannot say that the right man for the job would have got it done right. B/C even the best might fail simply b/c there was no right answer. All we are really left with is another reminder that the world is terribly wrong and that many evil people choose to terrorize others b/c they themselves are imperfect. We can only pray and seek out the solace of God.


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