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Growing Up Too Fast

A recent article I read on MSN prompted me to post this thought. I think the article is right on when they say many toys, shows and other products are targeted at this tween age. It forces them into a grown up state of mind perhaps before they should be.

I especially don’t like the Bratz dolls. I feel they promote even in name the concept of rebellion, spoiled attitude and misbehavior.

The other problem is these dolls and many other items promote looks over what is in the heart. They promote that looking good and having a good time is all that there is to life. This kind of mentality is dangerous. It is telling them to have fun at all cost and when you seek out companionship seek out that which looks good and feels good.

My comments might seem bizarre in light of it only being a doll, or just some make-up or just a simple tv show, but I am a big believer in the power of suggestion.

There is also the immulation factor. Kids will immulate the things that they are drawn to or see the most. If they are allowed to play with certain toys, watch certain show or go to certain places then they start to become what they see.

Lastly there is what I would consider the problem of kids becoming the boss of many families. Ed Young wrote a great book called Kid CEO on this topic. They seem to have become the driving force behind what happens at home. Mom’s and Dad’s seem to be running all out to make sure the kids are taken care of. Part of that comes from the gen-x’s growing up and concluding that their parents didn’t give them as much attention so they go into overdrive with their own kids.

Is is good to love your kids and promote their welfare? Of course, but at what cost? And who is in charge in the end. How ragged will a parent run themselves to get to a point of a child being well involved and developed socially?

Hope all parents will see the need to moderate not only themselves but what they allow their children to invest themselves into. Let’s let kids be kids and teach them the proper ways to act, not as Brats (Yes, I spelled it right. No urban twist for me)


9 Responses to “Growing Up Too Fast”

  1. Good points, and don’t forget the church, either. It seems that in many ways the church has bought into the idea that the only way to reach kids is to spoil them. Many churches look more like Chuck E. Cheese than anything. “Kids just can’t sit and hear a sermon or a lesson” we hear. It’s a good time to be a child!

  2. Your right I didn’t address that part. I think Ed Young did in his book. Haven’t read it. Its on my to read list. But I think we do overdo it.

    I also think we see somethings as cute. I was thinking about the t-shirts that say, “Drama Queen,” or “Spoiled.” People look at them and think its cute or funny, but its not. It certainly pushes narcasistic (sp) impulses.

  3. You get the best of both worlds
    Chill it out, take it slow
    Then you rock out the show

    You get the best of both worlds
    Mix it all together and you know that it’s the best of both worlds

  4. Rebellion in my own house hold. How sad.

  5. If a man can’t control his own household…

    About the supposedly cute t-shirts, the worst I saw was “Future Porn Star” on a 12 year old girl. What parent would let their daughter wear that? The sad thing is, with parents like that, that might end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy!

  6. I have seen some of the older teens wearing the shirt or hats with the playboy bunny on it. Basically saying I like the idea of being a dumb boob inflated tramp.

  7. I f I do say so myself, I think I do pretty good in the graphic tee department when it comes to my daughter. I have yet to buy her “I love spending daddies money” “It’s all about Me” and “U turn me on”…

  8. and over my dead body will she wear the playboy bunny or “Porn star in training”

  9. That spending daddy’s money would certainly be a lie. I don’t have any.

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