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Reverand Barista

Well today begins my second job. Not unfamiliar territory for me. I have had several second jobs before. I worked at Pizza Hut a few years ago. I also have had odd jobs along the way. I was able to relax some over the last couple years, but with a new house payment b/c we are buying a house we are looking at needing some extra income.

Despite the fact that I hate the idea of having a second job I am excited about this one.  It is a job that fits my tastes and will be a great job to have. It is at the Java Jo’z Coffee Shop in Northern Ky. Now I know your thinking big corp. monster coffee shop like Starbucks. I have sold out to them, but hang in there. Its more about who owns it. That is what sets the tone for some great coffee there.

I love coffee and know that this will be a job I will enjoy. It is also a small business run by good family people and so the atmosphere will be relaxed. It is run by a lady who I used to work with at a local school. She is super nice and I think her and her husband have done well to get things going.

Java Jo’z shops start out sort of like one of those huts you see that has a small walk in and a drive through. But the hope from then owners is one day it can expand to a bigger inside so that people can come and sit and chat. Maybe have some live music going. You know that whole bohemian feel to it. But of course it takes time to get something going. So far so good.

 So then say a prayer, wish me luck, whatever you do and hope I don’t dump coffee in someones car window today.


4 Responses to “Reverand Barista”

  1. Yeah, gimme a Tall Americano… wait, you ARE a tall Americano. Yuk yuk. Anyway, a Tall Americano, extra shot of espresso, two Sweet and Lows, a little room on the top… not for cream, but so I don’t spill it on myself… and one shot of sugar-free mint, two cups AND that little cardboard sleeve. Make it quick and I’ll give you the change as a tip.

    Hope it goes well, stick a tract in every mug so when they get to the bottom there will be a Word from the Lord… a soggy, unreadable, disgusting word, but hey!

  2. They do have Christian radio playing at times. Depending on taste of who is working, but both times I have been in there they have a local channel going.

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  4. […] have been working at Java Jo’z on Saturday mornings. I have to be there at 6:30 am. Not my usual getting up time. I live in fear […]

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