I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Yellow Hands

The other dayI told you about my new job at java joz coffee here in town. I have had a blast so far there making coffee and especially playing around with the espresso machine. Playing is a loose term as it is a very expensive machine.

Now I have been in food service before, but this is the tops for me. To work with coffee. After a shift the other morning in which I made several coffee related drinks I noticed something. My hands took on sort of a yellow tinge to them. They certainly were kind of yellow and smelled of coffee. Of course when one is using the espresso extracting method were the beans are ground to a very fine ground it gets everywhere and especially gets on your hands. So I am noticing that my hands are kind of yellow. Now I am not talking fluorescent yellow. Nor so yellow that a passerby says, “Hey look at that freak with yellow hands.” But certainly yellow to me. And of course my hands smelled like coffee even though I had washed up before I left.

This was not new to me. I used to work in the movie theatres in my youth. Its the same concept. We were around fresh popped popcorn for so long that we actually began to smell like popcorn. You would go home and your body smelled like it. It was in your skin. You couldn’t get away from it.

Now the simple question is, “what is on your hands, what is in your skin, and what do you smell like?”

  • Jesus told us, “Love one another as I have loved you so you should love one another. By this all will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.”

The people knew who they were b/c of what they were doing. It was in their actions.

  • James said, “True religion is to take care of those who are in grave need.”

Those who are truly serving and going to great lengths to show Jesus Christ to others will certainly smell, look and have it deep within them to do what is right. People will notice.

Just as your job reflects who you are b/c certain trappings of that job follow you so also people will know that you really love God b/c you are in turn loving and sharing the good news that Jesus is Lord b/c he died for us, who were incapable of saving ourselves from sin and death.

It is my hope that all of us will make our following of Jesus so serious that these characteristics would be unmistakably evident.


8 Responses to “Yellow Hands”

  1. Great thoughts! Kind of like Lynn Anderson’s “They Smell Like Sheep.” If we are going to be shepherds, we have got to smell like the sheep we are taking care of, and we will only do that if we spend time with them where they are!

  2. Thanks Randy.

    It is like that and it is what I thought of in writing this.

    I will tell you I am having a blast there. In a job that for the most part is spent in isolation many hours of the day you get lonely and tired.

    It has been good to work with humans again. Plus it to me is one of the best ways to minister. You have to have a way to get out there with the people. A second job will force you to do that instead of going door to door.

  3. OK Jason…just saw something on Cleveland news, and frighteningly thought of you! A drive thru coffee shop has asked the workers to start serving coffee in bikinis. Girl working counter went from $25/day in tips to $80!
    Something to think about to help those house payments!

  4. Jason, that one from agapemom is actually me! My wife started a blog, and didn’t log out! I hope I didn’t scare the redhead!

  5. That is a bummer. I was kind of thinking that I had expanded my out reach. A new voice.

    Now I can’t believe the 80 in tips. Was the latte’s coming with lap dances?

    Either way I don’t guess we will be doing that. But I guess it would boost sales.

  6. 80 dollars a day is good money!! It’s something to consider..although I don’t know how much can been seen thru the little drive thru window, you’d have to schedule show times, like on the half hours.

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