I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Intervention Needed?

Worked java jo’z last night. The owner comes in from cincy. Says he found a place up there who roasts coffee. He brought in a 5 pd bag of coffee that had been roasted just that afternoon. Super fresh. He and I cupped it and tried it and compared it to the coffee they currently used. Hands down the cincy coffee was the best b/c it had a lighter and sweeter taste. It also finished well. It was cool to get to help him in the product choosing process.

Before he left he asked me if I wanted to take some home. So he filled me a 12oz cup full. So I am stoked. My boss gave me fresh good coffee to take home.

I get home and have the cup. I get a zip lock bag out b/c leaving it in the cup to me is a bad idea. So I was going to seal it up. I am tired and out of it.

You probably guessed the out come. The cup slips out of my hand and falls. Those precious beans spill on the floor. I fell to the floor and said, “No, why me!” I sit there for a minute. Then I do the only thing a person like me in that kind of situation would do. I swept them up and sorted through them and weeded out any bits of junk off the floor and I sealed them up. Yeah I kept them. That kind of coffee is just too good to let go.

Now understand that I had just mopped the floor so I was ok with the dirt level not being too high.

The words of a person with a problem? Maybe…


8 Responses to “Intervention Needed?”

  1. Brandon, I hope you continue to enjoy your new job. It does sound like a great place to work. I can’t imagine throwing that coffee away! lol Good going!

  2. John,

    I think the Hot Mississippi sun has burned your head. I’m Jason.

    Brandon is

    But that is ok. I can see why you would mistake us since we are so strikingly hansome. 🙂

    Glad you agree about the coffee. It would have been a terrible waste.

  3. Sheesh… it must be my intense need of coffee because i missed the afternoon coffee break I intended to take. Do I now take one or skip it? Life is filled with such difficult decisions. Always good to hear from you Sean.

  4. With a memory like that you would make a barista at Java Jo’z.

    Would you consider relocating?

  5. Jason – no intervention is necessary! Any sane person would do the same! It filters out anyway! C’mon, aren’t you the one willing to try beans processed in the waste of a cat?
    Besides, when you have kids, it is different perspective completely!

  6. Well the beans are cleaned and filtered before you try them. It doesn’t go from the rear end to the cup despite what the picture on this blog shows.

    Well I am glad I have not lost my mind. That coffee was too good to just let go. I am drinking some now. It just affirms that I made the right choice.

  7. I knew you spilled the beans, I didn’t think you kept them…

  8. Surely you knew that. Didn’t you see me sweep and sift?

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