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Local Dork and Super Model Start at New Church

Just had to post that friend Robert Warren started at his new church Southside Christian this weekend.

 I am sure he will make a good impression. He and his wife are very nice and good friends. If you want to hear him preach just click the word.

Otherwise Congratulations!


4 Responses to “Local Dork and Super Model Start at New Church”

  1. It’s not easy being both a dork AND a super model, but I think I pull it off pretty well. Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. I really tried to set you up for the response. I thought you would actually say, “Your right I am a super model and my wife is a dork.”

    BTW the super model part was for your wife.

  3. Actually, I DID do that. My wife came in and I showed her what you wrote and said, “The nerve of that guy, calling you a dork!”

    I would make a great model…. for Ben and Jerry’s!

  4. Hope it all goes well! Keep that sense of humor…you’ll need it!

    I thought Ben & Jerry’s wanted me?

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