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Katrina Challenge

This last week we had our VBS. It was a great week for us all.

Since we are taking a mission trip this year to Pascagoula, MS. we chose to have our offering money go to Central Church of Christ (CCoC). John Dobbs and his great church and crew down there have done a great job bringing relief and the gospel to many down there who are still suffering the effects of Katrina.

And so that was our goal to raise as much as we could for CCoC. It was a small group of about 15-20 kids on any given night. So we set the bar low. I told them if they raised 100 dollars I would let them hit me in the face with a pie. They loved that idea.

By Tuesday night of a week long VBS we had 92 dollars. So I decided to up the challenge to them. I told them if they raised 150 dollars I would eat a gold fish. MMMmmm tasty. Oh yeah and it is a live gold fish. But some of the older ones in the back began to say, “Oh no make it something more.” Well I figured I was safe so for this little group of kids I told them if they raised 200 dollars I would let them shave my head.

By Friday night we had 202 dollars raised. Those kids brought in change of all kinds. Some of them had ziplock bags loaded with change. They were on it!

Now you know what is coming. Sunday night I had to prepare to take a pie, eat a gold fish and shave my head.

 The first challenge is what you see above. I blocked out the kids face for obvious reasons but that sweet little boy hit me hard. I thought he would go easy on me. I picked him b/c he was being quiet and good in his seat.

The second I didn’t get a picture of. That was the gold fish. He was alive and yes it was nasty. It felt like I was trying to swallow a piece of rubber or something like that. Luckily it went on down with some water.

The third was the shaving of my head. View the picture. That went well although some tried to go too fast and pulled more hair than cut.

In the end I praise God and thank the kids. In all told we raised 271 dollars that we will be sending down to CCoC in a few weeks. I know that seems like a small amount but for this size a group it was a lot and it was a blessing to be apart of it even though it meant me being tortured for awhile. It really was worth it.


13 Responses to “Katrina Challenge”

  1. You ate a live goldfish? You murdering *******! How cruel!

    Still, do me a favor and keep an eye on your, um, skubalon, I’d like to know just how that looks when it comes out… will it be a little tiny skeleton, or putrefied, or still flopping around…?

    No pictures, please, though.

  2. I was wondering what PETA person would get on here and rant.

    Course you have room to talk since you put fake nails on your cat.

  3. Yeah, but that shows an inordinate amount of love, not horrifying cruelty!

    Of course, I eat too much KFC to be in PETA, though… but at least I kill and fry the little critters before I swallow them whole!

  4. If its any comfort I am sure he died on impact when he fell into my stomach acids.

  5. mmm…tasty! I still think Sprocket should have just fileted that cat instead of putting kitty claws on it!

  6. I would say his wife would have filleted him.

    What is funny is how odd it felt. It was real but it felt so fake. It was like swallowing some kind of plastic. I guess that was b/c of the slime that was on the outside of the fish.

  7. Note: All of this was kept from his wife until we were in the car on the way to church Sunday night. I wasan’t able to be at VBS b/c of the kid’s other activities… year I may pull rank.

  8. I was just wondering about what you thought redhead about his shaved head!

  9. You crazy nut! LOL
    I was out of town last week and am just now reading this. I will have to tell everyone here about your over-the-top effort to encourage the kids to give.

    Thanks for thinking of us the way you do … it’s so encouraging. 202 is a great amount from the kids … very special.

  10. […] Jason Brown will be coming to the Coast this Summer with a group of young people. Read about what he did at VBS to increase awareness of the recovery effort on the Coast HERE. […]

  11. John,

    Glad to do it. I think God really gets the glory for it. Such a small group of kids bringing in oodles of change.

  12. Dude…I don’t know how I missed this post…but…


    Wow. I’ve done some crazy thing…but never eaten a live goldfish. Ah, the things you endure for the gospel.

  13. Yes a gold fish. That was the worse part. I thought it would be easy but it had a texture to it that was very odd. It tasted like was plastic/rubber. I got it down but it didn’t go down easy. Water helped.

    I was going to put it in my mouth and let it swim around, but could not even stand to have it in there that long.

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