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1st Grade Science

Today I went to camp with my son. It was the day camp for 1st graders.

 My job was to teach two groups of 5-6 year olds. I was teaching on the creation of the world. So I had 20 minutes to teach them. I chose to teach them something so simple and logical. But what astonished me b/c I had not tried it on such a young group was that even the youngest can understand a very logical conclusion that will help them understand why one would see there is a God and he is creator of all.

It also solidified that there was something more wrong than just their own scientific conclusion that makes athiests say there is no God.

 I began by simply presenting to this group an illustration I have heard in one form or the other on Way of the Master Radio. I began by telling them a false story. There was a bridge there at the camp that ran across the creek. It was a well made bridge with blocks laid for a foundation and then the platform and suspension. I told them that I was talking to the camp director earlier in the day and he told me that many years ago the bridge was not there. But that one night a terrible storm came through and it was picking up debree and rocks and dirt. The whirling mess landed in the creek bottom and when the wind died down there was a bridge there. I played it up like it really did happen. Then I went on to tell the kids that the director told me about the golf cart. All the kids loved the cart and wanted to go for a ride. I told them the director told me that back before they had a cart there was a pile of metal, a tire and some wire in the back of the camp. Over time the metal started to work together and form. Then one day the director came out and had a cart. He got in it and it ran fine. They have used it every since.

Now at this point I had built them up. I asked them, “Now how many of you beleive me?” I will admit some said they did but ultimatly someone would chime in and say, “I don’t someone had to build that stuff.” I asked them why they thought so. They would tell me. One said that the blocks were neatly laid to form the foundation of the bridge and they were too good and well made to be created by wind. One said the cart had to be made by a factory.

So I concluded with them that if there is a stucture that was well made and advanced then logical thought would suggest that there was a builder of it. Sure they all said. If there is a building then there is a builder. Even though we can’t go back through time to meet the people who made the bridge 20, 3o or 50 years ago we can tell there was builders b/c there is a bridge.

From there you know the rest. If there is a creation as detailed as this then there is a creator. Not some accidental explosion or time period to form it.

They understood it so well. Even though I am sure not all of it was clear to them even a small child understood this simple logic.

Makes you wonder why so many don’t understand. Well you know the answer. They don’t want to understand.


2 Responses to “1st Grade Science”

  1. Great illustration. Simple yet powerful. I’ll have to use it sometime!

  2. Thanks John. It was a good one. Course its a Way of the Master thing. Don’t agree with everything they say but things like this are good. I highly recommend the daily radio show on sirius or just download it like I do.

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