I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Scripture is Useless in America

Thinking about scripture and the words the men of the 1st Century Church made me contemplate our own life here in America. It made me ask or wonder if scripture and the experiences that these writers went through are totally foreign to many Americans. Useless even b/c what they went through as Christians is certainly not what many American Christians endure.

I say this b/c if we look at simple Hermeneutics we see that many of the verses we cling to in cozy America simply do not apply to our silver spooned lives.

 Of course there are those who do suffer and have problems. And scripture can comfort them. But generally Americans have it ok and America Christians don’t suffer some of the problems the 1st Century Church did and so I ask the question, “Is Scripture Useless to the American Christian?”

Take this Passage for example:

  • Philippians 4:13, I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Now I have heard that passage applied to everything from, “I stubbed my toe” to “my boss yelled at me.” And if you take it and go with it that way it would apply. Sure there is hope but what does this passage really mean or point to?

Paul when he wrote this was apart of a persecution and as an outspoken Evangelist he was open to all kinds of trouble. Roman authority and Jewish Leaders both pursued him at every turn. They hated him and his message. So when Paul says, “I can do all things,” he is not thinking of a bad day b/c of circumstances. He is sustained and maintained b/c he is attacked at every turn by those who oppose the Good News message.

Another good one is:

  • 2 Timothy 4:7, I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Paul didn’t write this after he had spent 50 years as a nominal faithful Christian who came to church every Sunday and was a nice person and did all they could to “keep” (that is locked up deep inside only to be brought out if personally needed) the faith. Yet never really did more than invite someone to church every once in a long while.

Paul wrote this one from prison only a short time before he was killed for the sake of the Good News. For Jesus Christ and his Salvation. He could legitimately say he fought the good fight and that in every-way he laid it on the line for Jesus Christ at all cost. He didn’t just sit in the church waiting for them to come. He made a stir and that went very much noticed and caused him much heartache.

Need I go on? James and Peter both in their books refer to being strong under pressure. Not the pressure of “we had our A/C break down this last Sunday,” or “If we move the pulpit it will not be church and I will feel less spiritual.” They were speaking of enduring in a world that hated the message they brought. That of Jesus Christ and His Redemption come for all.

Why is it that we do not have the real right to really use those passages? Its b/c many don’t hang it out on the line as many 1st Century Churches did. If we don’t rock the boat of American waters then no ripples will be made and everyone will feel safe and no one will complain. You start to tell it like it is. Take out the feel good story of Buddy Jesus and I know that you will start to see the claws come out and see the fangs come out. They will fight. Then you will be able to relate to Paul and why he could say what he said and it mean something.

Furthermore maybe we need to ask our brothers and sisters in China or North Korea who know only too well the words of Paul and what they really mean. They are living it everyday and can feel the words of Paul b/c they are not here in America where Scripture is useless…


5 Responses to “Scripture is Useless in America”

  1. Good thoughts my brother. I think our culture likes to use scripture when it helps them in a situation. They want to cling to it until the suffering in their life is over.

    We are becoming scripturally illiterate and it breaks my heart. Thanks for blessing us with your thoughts.

  2. Jeff,

    Thanks for commenting. I think the thing that is so bothersome is really how we use it to refer to some nominal thing happening to us. When Paul was talking about being hunted and chased.

    We we use verses that really don’t apply. I guess I am the worst one as well. We just have it too good in America and as bad as this might sound that bothers me b/c we are never challenged.

    I heard on Way of the Master Radio the other day that Christians in China and other nations pray that Democracy doesn’t come to them b/c they know that will cause many to become luke warm lazy Christians. Isn’t that a sad thing to have to pray.

  3. This is just a test to see if WordPress is working.

    You know, like the bible says, “God helps those who help themselves!” 😎

  4. Sooooo thoughtful. I am glad you posted on here.

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