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When Ball Becomes Baal

Here is an interesting thought I would like to pass on quickly. I heard the title of it on the Radio today. When Ball Becomes Baal.

 I think it is very relavent for today. I hear continously at church about Sunday practices and other things that are taking the place of more important things. Sadly I have seeen some parents give in and skip out for the sake of sports. But thankfully there are those who refuse to give into the pull of events that are substatutes for church and dedication to God.

 Now I agree fully that dedication to something a child starts is important. They need to learn if they start a sport they need to be there. So this is not a call to flippantly skip practices and games but to think long and hard about what god you are serving. If it came down to it and there was a scrap over the choice what would win out? Plus, look at its control. Are we talking one Sunday or a whole month of them. Be ready to draw the line.

But finally make sure you as a parent choose wisely b/c what you choose (b/c yes it is your choice for your child) will be the choice they will likely make later when it is their chioce.


One Response to “When Ball Becomes Baal”

  1. Who says that the church is in a building? Who says that we can’t be more relevant by playing ball on Sunday than sitting in a church? Who says that we have to worship on Sunday with the gathered saints?

    Ooops, sorry, been reading too many forum entries and blog comments defending stuff like that! 😎

    I wonder what message we are sending our kids when we tell them that ball is more important than God, and what all that has to do with the First Commandment?

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