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My Cat the Skunk


 I have to add some humor to your days.

My last few weeks have been stressful so I am hoping to throw some humor out to share a laugh.

Anyway we had a cat given to us a few months ago. He is a very nice cat and we all love him.

His name is Newbie or Noobie. We came up with it b/c first of all he is is a Newbie in our family. But also after the character JD on Scrubs. He is given that name by his mentor Dr. Cox.

 Now on to the title. As most animals there are things our cat does that sets it apart as interesting or maybe even annoying. Here is the one that gets me every time.

When the cat is scared or nervous he tends to expel gas. Seeing as any form of natural gas exiting an animals body is not good, add to it the cat food which to me has always produced a very nasty smell one digested and you get the point.

So if I pick him up and he is not into that he will let loose. If he is on the couch and I sit down and grab him he lets loose.

The skunk is not the only one who lets people know they are not happy!


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