I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Prosperity Preaching Has Ruined Us

I have been in a time in my life of really questioning where I am and why things are happening the way they have. I often cry out to God wondering why things are happening the way they are? Get this. I often think why is this happening when I feel like and thought God had a grand purpose for me and it seems I am just spinning my wheels with other things.

But in reflection I cannot remove my own mindset and thus am accountable to God for my actions. But I also reflected on the way that we as a society have been trained to believe how our lives should be lived.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Last night a well known minister TJ Jakes was talking about God’s command to Joshua to possess the land. God has promised this prosperous land and Israel was set to go in and possess it. Jakes goes on to talk about how God wants His children to go in and possess the land. That is to buy a home and have it instead of flushing money down he toilet on rent. God would want us to have land as a blessing. B/C God wants to bless us with the same promises he did for Israel.

 This is a wrong view of scripture. This command to Joshua was for God’s chosen people whom he set aside for blessing if they obeyed his commands and took the land. There is little indication that the blessings God had for Israel was intended for us today.

Another example:

  •  Todd Friel in his CD Lesson Herman Who? talks about a well known verse that many latch onto after Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren used to indicate that God had a wonderful purpose for every-ones life.  Jeremiah 29:11 says, “I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. Plans to bless you and give you a future.”

Again we have a prosperity thought that twists scripture. Here God is speaking to His chosen nation Israel whom at that point were in captivity. His blessing was for them that he had not abandoned them to their fate as captives. But instead he was going to again bring them out of slavery, bring them home and bless them. Of course that ultimate blessing was Christ. It was never meant for us to look at and see that God has a wonderful plan for all of us to be blessed with many things.

Couple that with growing up in our generally affirming society and you have a problem. Parents tell kids how good they are and that they will be great someday. Then they scratch their heads and wonder why the child grew up came to their senses and walk around in a daze of disillusionment. Or hollywood with its action heros who are great at everything and seem to always come out in the end on top. If they don’t and they die they go out with a bang. Go down fighting. Who wouldn’t want to die in fireworks like display of action as a hero.

We have been told so long that we are here for some grand purpose which includes greatness and blessing. No where does it tell us that life will be grand. Sure there are often times blessings from God, but we must be very careful how we present how they come about.

The only real purpose for our lives is that we be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. That we have our sins removed, we repent and we live our lives for him.

Whether that is being a Christian and flipping burgers at the local burger stand or CEO of some company. Then our purpose is to no matter where we end up to preach the gospel message. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Turn from your sins so that God might save you.

At the end I look at myself and sadly I have bought that idea. I will be the next big minister name or that if I am right with God he will always see that I am lavished upon. That is not the case.

I hope you and I will be content in knowing we are here where we are and God is here with us even if we are not rich, prosperous in other ways or always super happy.


8 Responses to “Prosperity Preaching Has Ruined Us”

  1. I think that you are just jealous of the prosperity preachers and the huge piles of money that they rake in. You just think that because a guy is preaching a false gospel to get rich that he is wrong. Maybe it’s just because your preaching sucks and that’s why you can’t swindle old ladies out of their Social Security checks. Your church was stupid to hire someone as poor as you, you should resign so a prosperity preacher can get in there. If you didn’t preach so bad you would be preaching in a coliseum. Wait… wrong blog, I’m sorry, I was looking for that garbage one…

  2. Yeah your probably right. If I didn’t have a solid doctrine and talked like I just ate a hand full of anti-depressents I would be raking them in.

  3. I think you are all being a little TART?? HAVE you ever done EXACTLY what the bible says to do??? I have and it WORKS and iit is NOT easy either.. It sys to HONOR God with the FIRST fruits of your labor . Just as in the story of Cane and Abel. One of the brother’s offerings were NOT accepted because of the heart, effort he put into it, it was not his BEST. God deserves our best. ANd what we have here HE gave to us. First fruit would mean during this day and age FIRST of the money you get. Fruit of yoru labir usmoney. Right? It has to be something that is meaningful to us . offered to HIM. And the FIRST , not the left overs or something that was left from the middle of your budget. Thank God for what you DO have today, and GIVE. and see what happens , I got into a 4 bedroom house , my favorite area of TOWN. UNEXPECTADLY?? Yes?? No deposit? Nd this landlord trusted me with EVERYTHING left in the home. A piano and all.. JAcuzzi? IT was great for my daughter and I. Perfect. So many things perfect about the place. RIGHT after I tithed 100.00 of my 1,000 permanent fund. I did not spend a dime of that money until I tithed. When I tithed, it helped a ministry get their van fixed to feed people in need as they usually do. This is not easy to do. Usually we have a list of things to do the minute we get our checks. JUst try it , and see what happens.

  4. Cherie,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am thankful you are being blessed and are using your blessings for others.

    But I must disagree with your point of view. Here are several things to think about that would help with my point.

    We have to first remember that as Christians we live in a New Testament era. New Covenant and new conditions. A quick look at scripture will show us that God made the promise to his chosen nation the people of Israel to bless them physically if they remained faithful. And understand that he is talking faithful in all ways, not just giving a tithe. Jesus pointed out that the Pharisees gave a perfect 10th of everything but they were way off base. So first we have to understand a simple thought that we have to be very careful about applying to ourselves as a person the principle that if we give to God he will give back to us as he did Israel.

    As far as Cain and Abel I am not sure how Abel was blessed by being faithful and giving his best. If prosperity gospel is true then wouldn’t Abel have been saved by God for his faithful gift? Instead he ends up with his head smashed in. How in the world is that a blessing?

    Other obvious examples prove that even in the OT when God promised prosperity to His people there were still often bad results. Was Elijah getting blessed with prosperity when he sat under the broom tree having been chased by Jezebel? He did everything right but somehow he still lost out.

    Job is the trite response I could use. As far as a scriptural account he was as near perfect as a human could be. Did everything right yet he lost it all and suffered for many years.

    So what does that leave us? No where in the NT does it say if you give I will bless you physically. There are eternal blessings but no real solid passages that suggest blessings will pour in if we give. Again I could point to numerous men in scripture that did not live their best life now. Paul, Peter and James all murdered for Jesus Christ. Following Jesus will cost us not give us more and more. Now can God bless us? Sure. But does that mean it will open up some kind of magic formula to get and get more if we tithe. No. God is not a genie we can call on if we play him right. Who are we to think we can play God that way.

    Now as for my concern. There is deadly problem with presenting this kind of message. If all people are doing is coming to Jesus Christ for the sake of getting a big house and big car then when that does not happen then they will feel cheated and many will fall away b/c the promised reward does not come. We must start getting away from prosperity preaching. We must not promise a Jesus and blessing that is other than what we see in scripture. And yes we must stop trying to apply an OT text on a NT era when it does not apply. Even the reference to tithing as being needed is misunderstood. Is it a good idea to tithe as a standard sure. But no where in the NT does anyone validate this idea of tithing which was another command to God’s people Israel. Paul does tell us to set aside in our hearts what we have determined to give and give with joy b/c God loves a cheerful giver. No mention there of getting if you give. No mention of it being a magical formula. Matter of fact if my memory serves me right the church at Macedonia was giving to the point that it pained them and left them in need. Where was God with their big pay off?

    Please understand that I didn’t write this to bash anyone. I wrote it b/c I am saddened by what my own generation has so distorted about the Good News. I hope my words clarify or add in some way.

  5. […] Just click on Prosperity Preaching Has Ruined Us. […]

  6. Dear Saints in America, who love the wealth of the world, good health, and all the admiration of each other. What would you do if Russia, China, and Germany, in one day knocked down your door, held a gun to your face, told you to deny Christ and worship Allah, or die?!! Well it is simple, you would cave in, because the Word of God is not your treasure, and you would try to save your life, and you would be lost forever. In one night, Rhwanda Africa experienced a blood bath of hatred toward a tribe of people that were mostly christian, from a tribe that was mostly Muslim. Their city was as modern as our cities, yet in one night, after their conservitive leader was assassinated, the whole city was turned into a holocaust in front of the whole world. The saints in that city prayed until it stopped ( THEY WERE NOT RAPTURED ), but the end result was a terrible toll on that the people and the city itself, which was almost unrecognizable in the end. If we as a church do not realize the prejiduce and hatred of un-believers in this country over the abuse of people for the gain of money, or refuse to share our own wealth and blessings and give to the poor, instead of always wanting more, then we are in for a rude awakening!!!!!!!!

  7. One more thing, prosperity preaching is not a cult, but simply stealing and the biggest con job of all. Yes, the bible does speak of sowing and reaping, and there is a reward in giving to the preacher. However if the preacher does not sow his or her wealth back into the people, as the saints did to each other in the new testament, then one day their fruit will be exposed to all the world, because they didn’t appreciate their congregation and their giving. Which will result in a persecution of the church and a falling away!!!! Didn’t anybody learn from the guy in the wagon who sold tonics and medicine to the town folk, when all the time it was just water mixed with liquor. America, it is same lie, with new packaging…………you can be a GOD too!!! That’s all!! Until the church gets past the three tests that Jesus went thru in the wilderness, then it will die there, and revival will never come!! You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

  8. Kirk,

    Thanks for your time and thoughts. Even in my own life I am often ashamed of the lure of materials. It is a curse here in America.

    Though my own tempatations has not landed me any great wealth I can see areas where I need to remove those distractions. I know as I grow older the things of life grow less important. But the cross of Christ is all that remains in the end and I cling to it.

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