I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Million Dollar Tongue

I was telling you all a few days ago that the million dollar ice-breakers I ordered came in.

 I thought I would steal an idea of Evangie Tales and share some of the better experiences and maybe even the not so great ones if needed.

 So I have these million dollar ice-breakers. I have been distributing them out to various areas so I will potentially always have one.  Some in the car, at church, gave some to my mom, have some in my business bag and so on.

Had some in the car. I go to McDonalds. If I can make enough tips I can grab lunch on the way home. So I go through and get up to the cashier. Really busy so I didn’t have much time to spend with them. But they were busy and so here is what I did. At least this was the game plan. I planned to give her a dollar and thank her for working so hard today with such a crowd. Then I was going to simply say, “Here did you get one of these? See if you can answer the million dollar question?” I rehearsed it for five minutes as I got up there. It would be great.

 So I get up there and order. All is well. So she is done. I had some time so I didn’t have to be shuffled to the next spot. And so I was ready to go…”Here you go thanks for working so hard…(and then my tongue failed me)…Did yyyyaaauuuu geet one of these.” Of course by now she was looking at me as if I was very slow. She was confused b/c I am sure what I was saying was much like a drunk person. But I persevered, “See if you can answer the muuuulllliion dollller question?”

 At that point I was sure she would never give it a shot or maybe read it feeling sorry for that poor slow kid. I ducked my tail and scurried off knowing that was about as smooth as press board.

But who knows. Perhaps she read it. Maybe she chucked it. Or since its a McDonalds perhaps it ended up on a burger and someone at home eating a Big Mac was saved.


5 Responses to “Million Dollar Tongue”

  1. Or maybe it was ground into pulp and then baked into a bun, still, at least they got the Word into them. Hey, I can see my cursor in the comment box now, thanks for fixing that! Now I can comment every day without getting irritated (well, at that, anyway).
    I can imagine that going out to hand out tracts for the first time must be hard, most of us have never done it and are terrified at the prospect of witnessing to a stranger. I’m sure it gets easier, but I would have been just as tongue-tied as you were and then kicked myself later.
    I was at Sam’s Club one day and noticed the check out gal reading a tract that someone had left her, it made me realize that people really DO read stuff given to them. Just so you don’t leave a tract in place of a tip I think it’s a great thing.
    Good for you for getting started, you’ve inspired me!

  2. Yeah I would never leave one in place of a tip. That really does turn people off.

  3. Yeah, man…good stuff. I didn’t realize you had been posting on your blog, as my Reader wasn’t updating. Sorry, man…I’ll check in more frequently now.

  4. Thanks for reading. Its good to see you again. Even if it is a still photo 🙂

  5. Great job! Don’t be afraid… the more you do it the better you will get. We need more brave Seedsowers like you Jason!


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