I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Archive for August 2007

Failed to Move

August 30, 2007

Part of my want to talk about evangelism in recent months has found its way onto this blog. Though I don’t record all of these encounters I do from time to time try to put as much up as I can so that perhaps my sharing will help someone. And I want to be able […]

Fat Free Jesus

August 19, 2007

   I have been working at a coffee shop for a few months now. It has been great. We sell many products that contain milk. We provide a variety of milks. Whole, fat-free or even that now popular soy milk. Each person gets to choose what it is they like or want. Now I know […]

Witnessing…in My Dreams

August 14, 2007

I would not begin to suggest that or debate if God still talks to us in our dreams. Dreams come about in many ways. But last night I dreamed about a witnessing encounter. Now it could be just another step in my own growth process that is leading me to passion for the lost at […]

Spiritual Immaturity.

August 13, 2007

Once again John Dobbs has really hit on something I agree with and have struggled with in various forms the last few months.  I hope you will jump over and read as he speaks about the problem of spiritual immaturity on his blog entry titled Detour.

NASCAR Still Rocks 2

August 13, 2007

  Continuing with the defense of Nascar. Some will claim its boring to watch but I defend that with a clip that will help prove them wrong.  Here is an on track altercation that made things exciting for a moment. Very sorry for the attitude of Kevin Harvick. At least they edited it.

Moment Missed

August 10, 2007

You know that sometimes a great witnessing moment comes along and then it just doesn’t work out. I do want to say up front that the reason I couldn’t stop this time was for a very good reason. I was on the way to see a lady in the hospital. She is a lovely person […]

Paul Washer 2

August 7, 2007

Found another great sermon by Paul Washer. I think with his experience in foreign missions he brings some great thoughts on why Christians in America can be so weak. Enjoy!

Non-Essentials Kill Churches

August 6, 2007

John Dobbs covers the issue of non-essentials in the church. In his blog entry Rule Confusion he addresses the problem of people making things scriptural demands that are not there. I would go a step further and say that non-essentials have killed many good churches and stifled the work of the Lord. Many become so […]

The Shakes

August 6, 2007

Found this from a friend but his site kept messing it up so no link for him. But its a survey to see how addicted to coffee you might be.  The final score for me is 94% addiction rating. Pretty high. And as an inside joke I must brag its higher than Insipid Garbages mear 92%.

Coffee Tract

August 3, 2007

Perhaps one of the coolest tracts for those of you who are coffee lovers. Its a Coffee Tract. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got on Steve Sanchez’s blog and found it there in a  really cool article. I have been thinking of ways for months now to give out a cool tract but have […]