I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Armed and Ready

Having had the million dollar tracts a few days now I found it interesting that its a lot like being armed and ready.

You have probably seen the movies were the hero has guns all over the place. He was ready for anything. One that I recall as a Clint Eastwood fan is the Outlaw Josey Wales. He had pistols everywhere. There was never a shortage and just when you thought he was out he whipped one out and had one more round to go.

I have done the same with the million dollar tracts. I am sure people like Steve Sanchez has it all together with a way to carry them. Or he has a big utility belt like Batman.

But I started by putting them in my vehicles. I put some in my pockets and at church. I have them stuffed about everywhere I can think of just in case the time comes to use them.

But when thinking about the places to put the most obvious place is in my hand. When they are in my hand it takes nothing to get to them. You can give them out easily and w/out hesitation. Just as Clint Eastwood’s pistol was never more effective than when he had it firing away our tracts are never really effective it they are alway holstered.

The challenge for us all is to unholster that weapon.


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