I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Moment Missed

You know that sometimes a great witnessing moment comes along and then it just doesn’t work out.

I do want to say up front that the reason I couldn’t stop this time was for a very good reason. I was on the way to see a lady in the hospital. She is a lovely person and I enjoyed the time with them and being there to pray for her. I would not have changed that for anything b/c it is a delight to minister to peoples needs.

But in the end that was what was to be done and God must have had a reason for this missed moment.

As I turned onto the main road off the interstate there was a row of restaurants and hotels there. One was the Hilton Hotel. In front there was these people with a big sign that said “BOYCOTT THIS HOTEL.” There were many people standing around. I didn’t know what to think at first. Why boycott it? A little investigating upon arriving home explained it. It is a labor dispute. At least that is the only info I could find that would suggest they had a reason to picket.

As I drove by looking at them the thought occurred to me, “you could stop and witness to them. All they are doing is holding signs. Witness to them while they themselves are reaching others with their message.” I really entertained it. Part of me was scared but then I thought what a great ice breaker. I began to play it out in my mind as I continued on to the hospital.

Me: Hi, why are you all out here? Why the big sign?

Protester (PR): We are out here blah blah blah. (No offense there just read the above to find out why)

Me: Really. So what is the hopped outcome of this demonstration?

PR: Fair wages, benefits, better life and such.

Me: You know that sounds like a noble cause especially if people are getting cheated and they need to make a living. You are trying to make a living I guess.

PR: Yeah I need to get what I need to get.

Me: Sure can I ask you a question, “While your fighting this good fight that is for a temporal benefit that will help you and possibly a family do you ever think of the eternal investment. You are out here fighting for a good cause so that you can have temporal security but do you think of the eternal security that should be a concern? Think of it this way your on this busy street corner. Someone could miss the turn ride up on the sidewalk and splat no more purple shirt green hat guy. Your dead.”

PR: Sometimes but not often.

Me: Let me ask you this, “Where do you think you will go when you die?”

PR: I hope to heaven or to a better place.

Me: How do you know?

PR: Well I am a good guy and I am trying to do right. I mean I am out here to fight for the cause of our needs and the needs of my co-workers. Isn’t that good?

Me: Sure, sure but I would like to ask you a few questions and see if you are indeed a good person and will one day get to heaven…

At least that is what I thought while I drove to the hospital. Now I will tell you I was nervous and already talking myself out of the deal.

But I had a pleasant visit with the family. They are very nice and very much welcome me.

As I left I again played the mind game of “do I go see them or not?” In the end I turned. Plan in my mind played through a second time I thought if they are still there I will pull in and give it a shot.

Sadly as I passed they were gone. Maybe a break maybe for the day. All I know is they were gone.

I pass this story on for many reasons. One so you know that sometimes even our best plans are not God’s. Perhaps he had a reason for it not working out. Maybe purple shirt green hat guy would have brained me and left me for dead on the sidewalk. Not likely but strangers things have happened and God has protected his children from it. Maybe also the lesson is whether the plan works out we must get our selves into the mode of looking. Even though it didn’t happen the way I wanted at least the Lord is working on my heart to look and see those times to witness.

Lets all be praying we will have our eyes open.


3 Responses to “Moment Missed”

  1. Or they could hit you in the head with a sign and while you were lying on the sidewalk in a pool of your own blood they could lean over you snarling, “You’re one of THEM aren’t you?”

    It could happen.

  2. Now seriously, we miss many ‘moments’. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. John,

    It is a concern. You would think out in public that nothing like that would happen but people are very unconcerned when they get mad.

    As for missing the moment it really wasn’t the idea of missing it. I guess it was never there to begin with b/c I was already on my way to meet a need. Instead I guess its the idea of always keeping our eyes open.

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