I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Witnessing…in My Dreams

I would not begin to suggest that or debate if God still talks to us in our dreams. Dreams come about in many ways. But last night I dreamed about a witnessing encounter.

Now it could be just another step in my own growth process that is leading me to passion for the lost at all costs or Way of the Master is really starting to sink in with their Biblical Evangelism. Either way it was interesting that I dreamed a very vivid dream about reaching a person that needed to hear that they were lost and doomed to eternal separation from God.

In short the dream began with me going to a church to preach. What was funny was the service went on and ended after an hour. They concluded w/out me even speaking. They said they didn’t have time for me to be on so that was it. It was funny b/c it reminds me of when Leno has someone on and they don’t have time so they are mentioned at the end with an apology.

But as I left I met a guy who was actually someone who was into witchcraft and other crazy things. Though the dream doesn’t say I ended up at this persons house were there were all kinds of dark magic items. He even goes so far as to mention that he knew I was coming and so had some ritualistic things done to guard against me.

I began to explain to him that these things were no good and they will destroy him. I went through the Ten Commandments and told him about Christ. He was leaving when we concluded and he said (and I remember this part clearly), “I will be there with all my friends and we will have a party.” I remember in the dream calling after him, “But hell will not be a party the Bible says it is a place of eternal fire with weeping and gnashing of teeth!”

Odd thing is the dream goes on to other parts. You know how dreams don’t always stay on track. Everywhere I looked there was this guy and my heart cried out to his lost state. But in that period of the dream I was not able to talk to him.

The dream though concludes with me up on the roof (now this is funny) of our parsonage/home that we were in as I assume from that information that I was a minister somewhere. And the roof was so bad that it had deteriorated and was half gone. The only covering was on my daughters room (thankfully.) While I was up there crawling around (in the rain I might add) the phone rings. Its this guy and he says, “I have been thinking about the things your told me, can we talk…” Then I woke up.

I must say I was disappointed that it ended that way. Even though no one would have been saved through that dream encounter I would have loved to know how it turned out.

Again I don’t really know if it was my own doing or God prodding me on but it was interesting to be in it.

If crazy witchcraft guy is out there I hope we will run into each other.


12 Responses to “Witnessing…in My Dreams”

  1. No concern over out son getting wet?

  2. Crazy, man. Good stuff here.

    My mom was a Spanish major in college. And I remember her telling me once that she knew she was really beginning to understand Spanish and live Spanish whenever, in her dreams, she spoke Spanish.

    Good for you, man…this evangelism thing has permeated into your heart. I wish it would for more of us.

  3. Brandon,

    Thanks for your comments. I think that is what it is. If you live and breath something then it sticks.


    The funny thing and I don’t know if this says something about the church we served in the dream. The roof was in shambles but instead of repairing the whole roof they simple build a roof around that lone room and put up new walls around it. Just enough to get by. As for our son he was not in the dream. Neither were you. Our daughter wasn’t either even though I knew the make shift room up there was her’s.

  4. Was the church that you were serving at in the dream the church that you are serving in now, or was it very clear that it was another church: not the one that you are at now?

  5. Huh?

    No its was kind of funny. It was some church that was in a city. It wasn’t a rural church.

    Still it was a wild dream.

  6. I think your dream just shows your great love for the lost and your passion for leading the local congregation to be what the church is supposed to be so that they can seek and save the lost. It’s hard to get the church to not just put the roof over their own souls but to also get out there and save the rest of the world.

    All in all, it just shows your concern for the lost, keep it up!

  7. Sounds to me like there may be some turmoil in your church and some ones wicked ways are showing through. And the storm will come and everything will blow up. But in the end things will clear, and the church will see new light. I don’t think the roof thing means anything more than you are going to make a leap in to church, giving all you got to save lost souls. God bless you and your church

    Ms. T………..

  8. Ms. T,

    Thanks for your comments. So what brought you to that conclusion? Do you believe in dreams telling the future or God’s will for our future?

    Very interesting and would like to hear your thoughts further if you wander through again.

  9. It was just a feeling I got when I read the blog, Could it be God’s will for the future? Who knows, God works in mysterious ways. Maybe you went to bed thinking hard about things in your church and what you want to see happen. The roof half gone, my thought is you have not given up, and we all start out crawling before we can walk or run. And you always see the guy there and you wanting to help. I think this means where ever you are; you are going to go to help others. God has us in his hands and we should not worry. You didn’t fall through the roof!!!

    Ms. T……

  10. Could be. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

  11. Cool Dream,
    I belevie God is telling you something about your heart and his desires for you. I think that you are going to shift priorities in your ministry and become more focused on reaching the lost. Not just for your church, but in general, and help other churches do to the same. Stay with it and enjoy it. But remember that God will be your only safety net.

  12. IW,

    Thanks. I have had a greater drive to reach out. I hope the Lord will continue to bless as well.

    I think it was a great wake up call for me to see that there is more than just growing a church, being socially active or political.

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