I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Failed to Move

Part of my want to talk about evangelism in recent months has found its way onto this blog. Though I don’t record all of these encounters I do from time to time try to put as much up as I can so that perhaps my sharing will help someone.

And I want to be able to also share with you those times when things don’t go so well. It would be too easy for us to look at any method of evangelism and think that its the new thing and so it might actually always work. But that is not true.

Neither is it true that the one who has a message to share has always been able to present that message perfectly.

Today’s post is just such an occasion…

Yesterday I had to take my mom over to a local hospital to see my grandmother. She was not doing all that great. In light of my grandfathers own health she felt that someone needed to go to talk with the doctor and handle anything that might be too technical. I went along as some form of support. They were not sure what was wrong so we kind of had to be ready.

We arrived and they took her back. Only two could go back into the ER. I sat out in the waiting room. While waiting an old timer (I say that with love) was sitting there. He had on a hat and with the pants and suspenders. He was an old farmer. Tough and hard old man. The kind of men we don’t see too much of in today’s world.

He began to talk to me. Talking about baseball. His days as farmer. Talking about how he used to take care of tobacco. Talked about his father and growing up with a firm but fair dad. Then he started to talk about his health. He did have a walker. He talked about how swollen his feet were. How he couldn’t drive as well as he used to.

He kept going and he talked and I just knew this was a good moment to share the gospel. So I started to play in my mind what to say. It was hard to do. This was a hard and tough old man. Didn’t take any guff off anyone. He told me of a time when a man tried to sell him something he didn’t want and gave the guy what for. This really made me think about how to do so. How do I present it to him this hard old man? Would he listen? Could he be reached?

Then he said something that rings in my head still now. He said (speaking of his old age), “You know you just can’t live forever. I am getting older and could be gone at anytime.”

I heard that and the segway was so clear and perfect and you know what I did?

I did nothing.

I did nothing!

I still kick myself now. I could have so easily said anything. I could have launched into it and let it fly. But I didn’t. I will never see him again and it pains me to think that if someone doesn’t reach him he could die and if he does not have the saving grace of Jesus Christ he will go to hell.

Though mistakes happen. We are only human. I hope we will learn. B/C too much is at stake.


3 Responses to “Failed to Move”

  1. I’m deathly afraid of talking to anyone over the age of 50.

    I think after you blow it enough times, you get more scared of wussing out than you are scared of getting yelled at by the witnessee.


  2. Bill,

    Thanks for reading. I am just torn inside by my own failure to reach out to him. I know that might be too extreme but I just hate to miss those moments. But I hope the Lord will work out His will in that mans life. Hopefully someone will reach him.

  3. I understand what you are talking about, when we picked up our dog yesterday from the pund, I had the chance to ask the pound directo who”loves” her single lifestyle if she was really happy. I didn’t. 😦
    Maybe the love that we show the animals and her other employee’s will rub off.

    may our Father shine richly on you today.

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