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Million Dollar Dummy

Well I am sure the good people at Way of the Master have wondered when this would happen, if it has not already.

 My only fear is it will bring some form of backlash from the government and they will try to force WOTM to pull this tract.

Here is the link: Man Tried to Pass off $1 Million Dollar Bill

But in summary someone tried to pass a million dollar track off as real money in an attempt to buy stuff. The clue that it might be a million dollar tract is it mentions that it was distributed by a Dallas based ministry and has Grover Cleavland on it.

 Its a shame he didn’t read the back of it…


2 Responses to “Million Dollar Dummy”

  1. No big surprise that eventually something like this would happen. I would have figured a fake twenty would go before a fake Cleveland, but I suppose that just shows that I don’t know the small-time criminal’s mind.

    BTW, that you’re reading Seutonius is great. I’m glad to see that other RM folks like old books.

  2. Thanks for reading.

    That mind had to be unstable. You just can’t pass off a million dollar tract as money. Unless the sales clerk is a zombie it just won’t work. Plus then he went crazy. I just hope they don’t demand WOTM stop making them b/c they are a great tool.

    I like the 12 Caesars. I found it to be a great tool to understand Roman Culture but also to understand the persecution that we read about in 1/2 Peter, Jude and Revelation. I recommend it to any serious reader.

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