I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Beep Talk

For a long time now I have been attempting to get on Way of the Master Radio. There are two ways a person can accomplish this task. One is to call in with a question worthy of the radio host Todd Friel’s interest. Two is to call in and say something just interesting or funny enough to get yourself on the air. I was able to accomplish both and all in the same day. 

 1st: December 5th Hour 1 On this part I am at the very beginning. Todd usually does a q and a kind of deal. I am the one calling in commenting about the Truth Truck. It is basically an organization who has been driving around the South with pictures of aborted babies on the sides of tractor trailers to show the horrors of abortion. I agree abortion is evil but I do not agree that this is the way to express this view. Matter of fact I was so turned off I did not link the Truth Truck site.

2nd: December 5th Hour 2 On this segment I am at about minute 35. Beep talk. I am on there commenting about my six year old son asking about why Todd Friel is not on the TV. Some might find my comment as an overly aggressive jab but it is all in good fun.

But had to take the time to express my excitement. Kind of trivial I know but fun. I really do like Way of the Master and thus was happy to add to the show.

Way of the Master

 Way of the Master Radio

Living Water

Comfort Food


2 Responses to “Beep Talk”

  1. What a loser to be so excited about getting on WotM, not once but twice.

    I’m so jealous. (really)

  2. The secret is determination. You have to call often.

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