I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Sausage and Sin

I was sitting here this afternoon eating a Christmas gift from our neighbor. This is a great gift. One b/c it was unexpected and I am very thankful for her kindness. Two b/c it is food.

She got us one of those sausage, cheese and mustard packages. it had two summer sausages and some spicy mustard. I have dug right into it. This afternoon I needed a quick snack. So I went got the plate got the sausage, cheese and mustard on a plate. Went and sat at the computer desk. While working I would slice the cheese, then the sausage, put a cracker under it all and top it with the mustard. Very good indeed. But as I started to work and move along I accidentally put the knife to close to the edge and it fell off sliding across the keyboard and to the floor.

 Now we have cats and so you can imagine the knife. It was covered in little hairs. I wiped it off disgusted at my stupidity and told myself to be careful with the thing. But moving on I continued to eat. A few minutes later I made the same mistake again. BLAST! I thought. I am trying to get my work done and all I have done it wash this knife.

Finally a few minutes later I did it a third time. Was it stupidity, laziness, or my busy rushed actions? It didn’t matter. It just kept happening. After awhile I paid no attention to it falling at all. I simply picked it up wiped it off made sure it was free of hair and went on. The problem was of no concern at all. If it fell just clean it and go, don’t worry about it.

At last something worse happened. The plate I was eating on began to slide over the edge to. I was so busy and complacent about the whole thing I finally had allowed the bigger items to become in danger of falling as well.

Now I would like to think that this analogy is self explanatory. But how many of us have sin in our lives that we first start out realizing its enormous problems and ramifications but as time passes we let them go and ignore them. Then eventually a bigger problem occurs. We fool ourselves into thinking that we’ll just dust it off and keep going the best way we can. Its not a big deal at all, don’t sweat it.

Check out Romans 6 and see what scripture says about our sin and our attitude toward it.


2 Responses to “Sausage and Sin”

  1. Great analogy… that’ll preach!

    So, are you saying that sausage is sin, or mustard?

  2. No sasauge is not a sin. But if one adds mustard to it it will become too flashy and will be considered sinful.

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