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Disc Golf


Friend recently introduced me to Disc Golf. We happened to be staying at a location that had a course and never having played he suggested we do so. Its been fun ever since. We played several rounds over that visit. We have since come back looking for ways to expand on that impromptu experience. The only problem is its winter and that prohibits our freedom to play.

 That aside I thought I would promote it b/c it is a game that anyone can play. It is very inexpensive, with discs costing about 9 dollars each (can’t play well with just any frisbee) and 90% of the courses you would play at are free to the public.

The game is simple. It is much like golf in that you start from a starting point with a certain par (or number of throws) to get you to the basket/bucket. Throwing taking a little time to become used to for better accuracy is relatively simple.

Check these links for throwing and play tips:




General Rules

The game is also very laid back and has since its inception been meant to be a game that is for fun and not so much a tense competitive battle.

It is also a game that is for the whole family. Golf b/c of expense and player limitations is not suited for the whole family. Though adjustments will be made in distance and disc used generally the game is one to be enjoyed by all.

I encourage you to visit your local park to play some. Check out the pdga for parks and locations. Get your disc at many different places but I recommend disc & dat.

Happy [Disc] Golfing.


7 Responses to “Disc Golf”

  1. We have a disc golf course at our bible camp. I played for 30 minutes. Then I just accompanied my friends. They love it! Glad you do too!

  2. Why did you quit? Did you blow your arm out? Did your friends have to take your disc away so you would behave?

  3. I play now and then. Have my own Disc golf bag to hold all the discs. Been awhile since I played. Might have to go out this weekend to!! Use to go alot with some students and local youth workers …

  4. If you have a bag full of discs you must have been more than a hobby player. I have three discs now. To me that is the essentials with a driver, mid-range and putter. After that I am not sure why the need for more. But I am sure it will come to me.

  5. Been playing 5 years. More fun than regular golf.

  6. I’m hooked on it. Junkie shakes and all.

    After five years your probably a pro!

    Thanks for commenting.

  7. As a professional disc golfer, having just lost my amateur status with a cash win, I can concur: it is a fun sport, if you’re into extreme sports, that is.

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