I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Everybody’s Somebody’s EGP

We have all probably heard the expression.

  • “Oh, that person is a EGP…”

Now some call them EGP or others EGR. It either means Extra Grace Person or Extra Grace Required. And you know that there are those who for whatever reason get to us. They are overbearing, snippy, clumsy, anal, disorganized, rude, too happy, not happy enough, always late, always complaining, always right or always wrong. They can be kids, adults, moms or dads, bosses, co-workers, brothers or sisters. They are often in your household or in the household next door. They can be, but not limited to, the guy at the Quick Stop that always gets the change wrong or the kid at the Scarf-N-Barf who doesn’t bring you a drink fast enough.

 You get where I am going don’t you? That other day I was thinking and talking with a friend and he talked about how as much as his wife annoys him there are equal things that he does that annoys her. That is true. We often become so stuck in our own point of view that we often don’t even see that we ourselves are EGP’s to someone. Doesn’t matter how hard we try we all hack someone off for no reason other than us being us.

  • The Bible says, “All have sinned…”

So in light of that observation lets all generally (excludes something really bad) give each other a little slack b/c we are all EGP’s in someones eyes and need a little more grace from them to tolerate our bumbling.


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