I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Lessons from a Dwarf Hotot


 Recently a friend of mine offered us a Dwarf Hotot. At first we were reluctant but as time went on we finally gave in and let him give us one for our daughter. He promised that it would build character in her with the responsibility. I was doubtful as to how much character it would build but the rabbit was just too cute. Plus I reasoned in my mind, “What is the worse we could do, kill it?”

Yesterday though the promise of life lessons learned came true. My daughter who is the official care giver of said Hotot learned what I hope is one of the best lessons she will ever learn.

When we first got the Hotot home we had a learning curve. There is always one with new things in the house. And despite the warning from the previous owner that they liked to chew we set him free to roam. A few days later I found that he chews quiet often on wire. How he does not get shocked to death I do not know. But he chews right through some wire still plugged into the outlet. We went through and replaced the wires that needed to be replaced and repaired others. Then we taped the remaining wires either up out of the Hotot’s reach on down on the floor covered in duct tape.

One of the items destroyed was my daughters phone charger. It had to be completely replaced. A week later it came in and my daughter used it to charge her phone. Now having been warned to watch the rabbit and keep wires out of the way guess what happened. Some how the charger wire ended up on the floor and the rabbit chewed it in two in several places. My aggravation was apparent to my daughter who burst into tears b/c she knew this was not good. To replace it twice was crazy.

She began to cry and yell at the rabbit. At the same time she reasoned with me that the rabbit was to blame and that she didn’t put it down there. But I told her that it does not matter how it got there the fact of the matter is that the rabbit is her responsibility and she had to answer for him.

Her response turned to another tactic. She no longer wanted the rabbit. She told me I could now take him away. She didn’t want to deal with him anymore. I told her it doesn’t work that way. Once you have taken on the task of caring for something you do it to the end. I explained to her that when she as a child does wrong she herself deserves to be kicked out. If she fails the load the dishwasher or doesn’t keep her room clean as she should I have every right to kick her out of my house. But I don’t. I told her that the reason for that is I love her and care for her in-spite of her sin. That I tend to her even though at times she goes wrong. That is what she needed to do with her Hotot. He had done wrong, now she needs to love him in-spite of his wrong doing. She needed to continue to care for him even during those hard times when love seems the hardest. I told her her love for him is never more evident than during times when he is his worst.

Then I told her, “You now understand a little more of who God is. See God looks down on us and sees our sin and has every right to be mad at us and condemn us. But he doesn’t, b/c he loves us so. Never is God’s love and mercy more evident than when we are doing wrong, b/c he loves us anyway and offers to save us.”

I hope the lesson was well learned. For me even it was a great reminder of God’s love for us. He has every right to say, “I am tired of taking care of you. Let someone else do it.” But he doesn’t. He loves us in-spite of ourselves and through Jesus Christ he has made it possible that we don’t have to be lost but can be loved forever.


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  1. Good stuff, here, man. Nice.

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