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Easter Bunny Anonymous

Had to come up with a skit for church. We are trying our hand at having mostly adults act instead of the ubiquitous teens. Not that that is bad but will be fun to have the adults get involved.

But thought I would place the skit on the blog since it seems to be an OK skit. I don’t fancy myself a skit writer by any means so allow me a moment of foolish bragging. If you like it use it if not backhand me verbally for my boasting.

Easter Bunny AnonymousSkit 2008 

Set: Chairs in a semi-circle for a group meeting. Set is like a support group meeting.  

Props: Easter egg baskets, plastic eggs, bunny ears, rabbit noses or paint for noses, gospel tracts and Easter recovery books (i.e. hidden scripts) 

SCENE: Four Rabbits come in and sit in the chairs with the group counselor sitting in the middle. 

COUNSELOR: Hello, welcome to another session. I see you all brought your recovery books. Go ahead and open those and just be holding them there.  I hope you all are progressing well and doing fine with your recovery. Remember recovery doesn’t just happen here in this room. It’s a progressive recovery to a happier life as Easter Bunnies. Now I want to begin by seeing where you all stand in your recovery so do I have volunteers to go first? 

RABBIT 1: Well…Well I still don’t have my hop back. I have tried and tried. Look… (rabbit gets up and tries to hop around) I just don’t get it. I have tried and tried to follow your patterns and thoughts. I have tried to envision the hop and tell myself, ‘be the hop, be the hop,’ but nothing works. I am just so burned out with the kids and the Easter hoopla that I can’t hop anymore. 

COUNSELOR: Well keep trying. You know I saw a little improvement there. Just a little. 

RABBIT 1: Really?!  

COUNSELOR: No, no I didn’t, but you keep trying ok. 

RABBIT 2: You know I still have a problem with giving out eggs. I have kids come up to me and instead of giving them an egg I throw it. See… (rabbit takes an egg out of the basket and tries to hand it to the counselor but instead throws it) I am so unnerved by those blasted kids and the mean parents. You know I can’t even go to the mall anymore. I end up grabbing stuff and throwing it. 

RABBIT 3: My problem is I have forgotten how to hide eggs. I used to be the best. They used to call me in to do the egg hunts for the older teens at social gatherings. I was so good the teens couldn’t find my eggs. Now, they call me to hide for those at the day cares and pre-schools because all they require is that I throw them out on the ground. Look let me try to hide an egg…  (Gets up and walks around for a few seconds and ends up dropping the egg in the counselors lap) There now try to find it. 

COUNSELOR: Ahhh…you just put it in my lap.  

RABBIT 3: Oh, I’ll never get it back. I’m hopeless.  

COUNSELOR: No, none of you are hopeless. You all have great potential for recovery. I just sense that you all need more time with the Easter Recovery Material. This is the only way you will get better. Only in these recovery methods will you find true peace for your life. It’s the only way.  Ok I want to have a little test for you. I think these will benefit you. It will give you a chance to see where you really are aside from your description of your current recovery stage.  OK KIDS YOU CAN COME IN… (Young kids with Easter baskets come in and stage in the center asking for Easter eggs and candy.) (All the rabbits but rabbit 4 go off doing what it is that they have had problems with. Rabbit 1 tries to hop around to get out of the way but can’t, Rabbit 2 tries to oblige the kids by giving them eggs but ends up throwing them at the kids. Rabbit 3 says, “Here I’ll hide them and ends up putting them at the kids feet instead.)  OK! OK! STOP! Kids you may exit. Thanks for coming. Ok that was bad. I really thought you all would do better than that.

RABBIT 1: Hey, (RABBIT’S NAME) you didn’t even move or get excited.  

RABBIT 3: Your right. What’s up? What’s your secret?  

COUNSELOR: You’re all right, (RABBIT 4 NAME) what happened? You’ve been reading my recovery material haven’t you? I knew it was paying off with someone. I bet it’s the happy thoughts exercises and the visualizing the positive outcome in your life isn’t it? 

RABBIT 4: MMMMmmm, No, I discovered what Easter was really about. Once I realized Easter wasn’t about what I thought it was things came into perspective. I realized it wasn’t about eggs, candy or even me as the Easter Bunny.  

COUNSELOR: OOOOOHHHH, you’re worse than they are. Not only have you not recovered you have started to look at other materials haven’t you? Why can’t you just stick with what works.  

RABBIT 4: Because it’s not working. Neither was my own idea that Easter is about me and all the getting. But one night when I was at the mall late and was walking out a parent with a little child walked up to me and said, ‘Do you know what Easter is really about? Do you know what will happen to you when you die?’ Something in me clicked and tears came to my eyes. I had so longed to know what the true meaning of Easter was beyond the materialism. And I had thought about my life and what would happen to me when I die. The parent with the help of the little girl began to tell me about Jesus Christ. That he came to earth and taught us how to live but also came to die for my sins on a cross, which is some kind of ancient execution device. Once dead he was put in the ground and three days later he came back to life. He defeated sin and death.  I asked them what sin? They told me that all have sinned. They asked me if I had ever lied, or stolen something or wanted something that was not mine. Sure I told them, all the time. They told me that Jesus was the only way to be saved from sin and death. I was so moved by it that I asked them what I needed to do to be saved and truly understand what Easter is all about.The parent said, ‘You need to put your faith in Jesus Christ believing that what we just told you is true. You trust in this understanding. Then you repent. Turn from your sins or repent.’  Then they took me to their local minister’s house and I talked to him and was baptized that night. I have been reading my Bible daily and praying and growing in this truth.  

COUNSELOR: You mean you have stopped reading your Easter Recovery Material? No wonder your so off course. You need to put that Bible thing down and start from the first page of the material I gave you. 

RABBIT 4: No I can’t. That is not truth. Only the truth that is found in Jesus Christ is real to me now. I no longer want to live the old way and I no longer want to cheapen Easter with the focus being on candy and eggs. Matter of fact I have resigned as an Easter bunny. I’m going to dedicate my life to serving Jesus Christ. 

COUNSELOR: Right whatever, you know what they say, ‘Once an Easter Rabbit always an Easter Rabbit.’ Look I am going to prove that there has been no change in you and we’ll just see how far you have come. I’m going to bring on the ultimate challenge.  HEY, GRANDMOTHER COME ON IN… (In comes this grandmother with her grandchild in tow. And she approaches RABBIT 4) GRANDMA: I want you to know you didn’t give my grandchild an egg and I don’t know who you think you are but my grandchild is the best little one and you have no right to overlook him and no right to do that. What are you going to do about it? Huh, what are you going to do to make this right b/c he deserves and egg and time with the Easter Bunny?  

RABBIT 4: (Unfazed) That poor fella, here take an egg. You want to sit on my lap? You sure can. Here Grandma here is something for you as well it’s a gospel tract. Do you know the real meaning of Easter? It’s not about the eggs, or candy or anything like that. It’s about Jesus Christ who died for us. Can I talk to you about that? 

GRANDMA: (wiping away a tear) You know its been years since I have seen that kind of kindness and years since I have heard about Jesus. My mother used to tell me about him. I guess I have forgotten him. Yes, I would like to hear more… 

COUNSELOR: STOP! STOP! This isn’t going well at all. Grandma you can go ahead and step out.  GRANDMA: But I want to here about Jesus. 

COUNSELOR: Nope, No you don’t its bad its bad. (Grandma is ushered about with grandchild.) RABBIT 4: (yells to her as she is hustled out) Wait for me in the lobby we can talk then. COUNSELOR: This is bad, this is bad. You have thrown away my teachings for something totally wrong. Oh this is bad. 

RABBIT 1: You know when you were talking about Jesus and my sin something pricked me in my heart as well. I would like to learn more. 

RABBIT 2: Me too! I have so longed to know more about my spiritual life. 

RABBIT 3: Count me in as well. Say can I get one of those gospel tracts? (One by one the rabbits take their Easter Recovery Material and puts it at the feet of the defeated counselor and walks toward RABBIT 4. They together get up and walk out chatting as they go.) 

RABBIT 4: If you all have time lets go to my house and we can talk more. I have plenty of Carrots for everyone.



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