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Christianity and Government: Responsibilites of Citizenship

April 25, 2008

Here is the final one in which the responsibilites of the Citizens are discussed. There are duties that the Christian and any citizen for that matter can generally view and apply as they live at peace with the government. Ronald Regan said, “Without God, there is no virtue, because there’s no prompting of the conscience. […]

Christianity and Government: Duties of Government

April 25, 2008

Here is the second part of this sermon series. Hope it again adds to your understanding of what the Bible teaches us about the duties of government and our relationship to them. Please see the first sermon in this series for the links to those resources that greatly helped in this series. JOK.: The Lord spoke […]

Christianity and Government: Issue of Authority

April 25, 2008

Since this has been an heated election year and the focus on government has never been more pointed I thought I would post a sermon series I put together on what it means to be a Christian in this day and age and our relation to government. I enjoyed writing this sermon and so I […]

Piper on Fruit

April 25, 2008

I thought John Piper said this very well. It was a short blog but a great reminder for those who think they are not making a difference in the world when compared to those who are seeing success. Success is best seen in the weak who show God’s glory. When God Does Not Use Bigness

Nascar Still Rocks 3

April 5, 2008

Nascar Wreck As I have done before in the past I have come to the defense of Nascar and those who claim its excitement is waning. Now I post this video clip of todays Sprint Cup qualifying not to capitalize off of what had to have been a very scary ride and scene. But we […]