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Little Baby Punishment

One of my favorite blogs had this pic and post that I thought was right on. Pic came via Way of the Master Radio and Hazardous Material.



7 Responses to “Little Baby Punishment”

  1. Absolutely!
    We MUST punish the 13 year old girls who get knocked up and bring millions of unwanted babies into the world so they can be mistreated and abused and have miserable lives!
    That’s compassion!

  2. Yeah, why should the woman be punished for having irresponsible sex? Better to punish the unborn child, and what better way to punish that little runt for being unwanted than with capital punishment!

    No, having people be responsible for their actions is just a right-wing conspiracy. Let’s stick with good ol’ liberal ideology and make someone else pay for the woman’s actions– in this case an innocent child.

    And why stop there? It’s hard to imagine how hard it is to raise a child. Why should someone be punished with having to raise a child if it’s too hard. Maybe they should be allowed to kill their child up to the age of 18, no sense there being unwanted children in the world having miserable lives, no matter what their age.

    I’m sure Susan Smith (the woman who drowned her kids in her car) would agree with this logic.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    I will say that I am not sure that I can agree with the concept that the baby must be killed b/c it is potentially born into a bad situation or being born with certain hinderances.

    Kurt, your comment about the child being born into abuse or other social negatives to me is invalid b/c it presupposes that this is its lot. So why not kill it and be compassionate. But that assumption is not fair. You are saying we should just write them off as doomed. Who is to say that child will be born all be it in poor surroundings and go on to be some one who is valued and loved? Who is to say the child will not go on to be something more than just another mouth. Why does it always have to be that the child is doomed to all the bad in life instead of all the good.

    With that comes the age old pro-choice mantra of “we need abortion b/c of the disabled, raped women, and mom’s health” For the sake of statistically nil, 4300 babies a day in America alone die. For what? A millionth of a percent of a chance their will be a real need to do so. Even those “real needs” are not really valid b/c again we get back to my previous comments. Who are we to decide the child has no fighting chance so lets kill it.

    So my moral conviction aside that its murder, the logical is we shouldn’t make a law that works for the choice.

    Then of course we have to ask ourselves the question, “where does it end?” What is next. Truk’s comments although pointed and perhaps rude are right on in the sense that if my 10 year old is not doing what she should why not kill her? I can tell that she might not turn out to be a CEO or a great person in history so why not kill her now and get it over with. Less mouth to feed. Heck, since my wife and I are still young we could try again. But that’s not fair is it? Course not. It would be unfair for me to write off my daughter as not being one thing when she has great potential to be some much more than what society says is valid.

    So the concern aside from the moral issues is what comes next?The failed child, the parent that is too old, and the disabled?

  4. According to the Bible, it’s not alive till it takes it’s first breath.
    Second, abortion is a CHOICE. No one said that every single fetus in a bad socio-economic situation has to die.

  5. Kurt,

    Where in the Bible is this? I am not sure I can recall it. I know in Psalms David says God knew him even in the womb and that God formed him in the womb. But can’t remember where it says that a human is alive in the womb.

    As far as abortion being a choice this is true but a choice for who? Certainly not for the baby who might very well have chose to live if given the chance. That is part of the rub. How is it fair that the mom gets to choose and take advantage of the innocent who does not get a say?

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  6. Kurt,

    Let me fix what I said wrong above. I can’t recall where it says a baby is officially alive at birth.


  7. Once again, Kurt is right: abortion is a choice. We should all have the choice to do what benefits us even if it means that another person loses their life. We should take that to its logical conclusion, too: if your boss is hard no you, you should have a choice to kill him. If your wife nags you, it’s your choice to rub her out. If a guy cuts you off in traffic, choose to ice him.

    I wonder how many abortions would be performed if the child had the choice as to whether or not to be aborted. I wonder if Kurt is glad that his mom chose to have him?

    Kurt knows choice, but he doesn’t know his bible, though, because nowhere does it say that you become a person when you take your first breath. But, it’s his choice to not know his bible, like the commandment that says that you should not kill.

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