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Mission Trip to Beattyville, Ky Update

1st Church of Christ

As previously stated in my other blog entry (click here)we took at trip down to Beattyville, Ky and worked on a familes house that needed to be completed b/c the husband/father of the house was disabled. We also were blessed to work with a local church and do a VBS with them.

Here is a quick rundown of how God moved…
Construction: We had a great crew of hard workers. Even our two teens worked hard and didn’t get a whimper of complaint out of them. Everyone worked together toward a common goal. Bruce at CMO told us we have done more in one week than any other group double our size. He said we did the work quickly and right. Many of us learned to do those things we had never done before. We did everything from drywall, mudding, laying tile, grouting tile, to putting up siding. Charlie whose house we worked on hugged us all and was very thankful. God allowed us to be part of a very unique experience. It was obvious God used the talents we had to do so well. We can do nothing more than humbly give Him glory.
VBS: The three night VBS was great. Everyone again worked together well. We shared meals with them in the evening and followed it with a traditional VBS. It took us about half way through that first night to break the ice. One of our team members remarked that, “kids are kids everywhere.” That is once you break through the barriers they will open up and are fine. By night two and three we had both children and adults participating in games, lessons and songs. They invited us back to serve anytime we wished. I was touched by their longing to see something happen on that hill. Most can’t drive to another place. One family walked a mile and a half just to participate.
Team Efforts: I have never had a team work so well together. Even the planned for conflicts we always see at least by Friday did not happen. Everyone showed a great deal of maturity and a great deal of love for one another. Their team efforts just astounded me. The only time we had anything near conflict was when some on the team desired to work on Friday and others desired to take Friday off. Each person expressed what they had in mind or preference. Then we found common ground by deciding to work all day on Thursday and then go back Friday morning to clean up. This allowed us an afternoon worth of work on Thursday by doing so. All felt satisfied by that.
Over all I can confidently say that this has been the most satisfying trip I have ever been on. I felt that God blessed us at every turn. We were able to grow together as a team and serve those around us as we were supposed to do.
It is my intentions to share with you some of those moments that stood out in the trip in the next few weeks.

4 Responses to “Mission Trip to Beattyville, Ky Update”

  1. Thats Awesome! I love to hear how God moves on mission trips! 🙂

  2. Right on, man. Glad to hear about all the cool stuff. I’m stoked for ya.

  3. Stoked for you too, and I know that you enjoyed the time of intense ministry away from the distractions of the day to day. Glad everything worked out well and that lives were touched by y’all’s willingness to go in the name of Jesus.

  4. […] our mission trip to Beattyville, Ky I talked to a lady down there who does quote “Christian Yoga.” She suffers from […]

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