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Mission Trip Notes: When They Get It

Beattyville Mission Trip Team

Above is the team of Southside Christian Church and El Bethel Christian Church serving at the Church of Christ.

As a trip coordinator and subsequent recruiter one of the hardest things to do it tell people adequately what it is like to go on a mission trip. What it feels like and what excitement awaits those who go and take the time to serve. I tell them its like no other service experience.

A Mission Trip is in everyway much like the joy of the first church we see in Acts 2:

  • They live together having all things in common
  • They serve together growing in faith
  • They grow from teaching and learning
  • They grow from just spending time with each other in a very close intimate enviorment.

For those who do go I continue to tell them to be patient b/c there will come a day on the trip when the excitement and the preparation for something special to happen does happen.

On this trip we had several who had never went. By Wednesday night I could hear them talking about how the building projects were going and how much fun they were having at the evening VBS. I had to smile b/c they got it. They understood fully the excitement that comes with going on a mission trip and giving yourself wholly to service.

Though this is a trip that has many facits that bring satisfaction as a leader and a Christian this is a important moment for me. To see what we have been preparing them to see for months start to come out in their mission experience.

It is a blessing to see Christians grow to be something they may not have been just a few short days before. God is good.

And if you have never been on a Mission Trip, just trust me on this one, GO!


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