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Nascar Still Rocks 3

April 5, 2008

Nascar Wreck As I have done before in the past I have come to the defense of Nascar and those who claim its excitement is waning. Now I post this video clip of todays Sprint Cup qualifying not to capitalize off of what had to have been a very scary ride and scene. But we […]

NASCAR Still Rocks 2

August 13, 2007

  Continuing with the defense of Nascar. Some will claim its boring to watch but I defend that with a clip that will help prove them wrong.  Here is an on track altercation that made things exciting for a moment. Very sorry for the attitude of Kevin Harvick. At least they edited it.

NASCAR Still Rocks

July 9, 2007

  Many question the madness that is NASCAR. “All they do it go round in circles they say.” “The drivers are not athletes.”  But last nights finish at the Pepsi 400 was a finish that will show that its worth it to tune in and see these drivers in action. Pepsi 400 Finish