I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus and count them but rubbish.

Issues, Mistakes & Accidents

On Cincinnati local News Channel 9, there was an article about a wife who tried to poison her husband.

The clip is brief but in short the wife was mad and decided to poison her husband’s beer. He became ill and drove himself to the hospital. Luckily he seems to be ok. His wife is currently in jail.

Here is where the story gets wierd and we hear many like it everyday. In an interview the husband admitted that he was not mad at his wife. She has been under a lot of stress lately and she can’t be blamed. From the interview one would gather that charges would not be issued.

The husband was either loving or insane, b/c he did not want to do see her justly prosecuted. Now we don’t know what was causing the stress. Perhaps he was a infidel in the marriage or something worse. We don’t know.

I bring this up b/c one fact remains. We live in a world that so readily writes off actions as something other than they are. This man’s life was threatened by his wife, yet he overlooked it as if nothing really happened. That to me is a real problem. 

In todays world we write so much off as Issues, Mistakes or Accidents that are not. We have become such a non-judgemental world that to tell someone they have a problem or have done wrong is not right. But in the end these issues, mistakes and accidents can only be classified as one thing, sin.

We cannot remove the culpability of others and say, “They couldn’t help it or they had a hard past.” The fact remains no matter the past, present or future, it is a sin to do that which is outside the Commands of God. Did this lady have problems? Sure I would guess so, but the fact remains she has sinned and is a murderer. Even though her husband did not die the thoughts that produced an action show she had murder in her heart (1 John 3:15.)

We must begin to own up to our misdeeds and sin. We cannot take the easy way out. If we victimize or bail ourselves out then we will never come to a full understanding of our own sinful nature and never really ever be fully aware of the need for a Savior.

Society has tried to convince itself that it is good and for the most part will do good things. And if a issue, mistake or accident happens we claim we were doing the best we could. Then we proceed to blow it off and move on.

In the end scripture tells us clearly that we are always thinking of evil to do.

  • Genesis 6:5
    The LORD saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.

 We must stand up and see that sin is ours and ours alone to accept. There is no writing it off. Only the blood of the Savior and our acceptance and repentance can remove sin.


6 Responses to “Issues, Mistakes & Accidents”

  1. The problem is those who say they don’t want to judge are often the harshest judges. If you try to point out the sin, as you did in this article, they will accuse you of being narrow-minded and bigoted. Just some wacko evangelical.

    The truth is out there but too often people don’t want to hear it.

  2. Your right. They will always set a double standard. You can’t judge them but they sure can bring down the snap decisions.

    They usually lean toward Christians being ignorant and hateful.

    There will always be a resistance to Jesus b/c they want to be able to live as they want. If they can prove there is no God or keep God out of the way then they can live in sin.

    Have you been watching the attacks by Answers in Genesis? They have been going on about how bad it is. The problem is not that the new AIG Creation Center is bad but that it convicts them and smacks them in the face as to the notion that, “Hey they might be right and that means I’m going to hell.”

  3. Look at the typos in that thing.

    It should read that there are attacks “on”AIG.

  4. I might be able to forgive my wife for trying to poison me… but it would be from the divorce lawyer’s office that I prayed that prayer of forgiveness!

    Stress caused her to poison him? Don’t give women that excuse or once a month we’ll have to let the dog taste-test our food!

  5. You just don’t know what will make someone snap. I wonder how long she planned that our or did she just get some clorox and pour it in?

    I’m like you I don’t think I would be so ready to let it go. I used a sermon illustration one time about a guy whose wife tried to kill him five times. After she got out of jail he welcomed her home.

  6. We have heard about the AIG controversy even out here. You are right: it is not that the center may be wrong that people are up in arms but that they are right! Just a little information could destroy the well placed emphasis on evolution

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