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Mission Trip Notes: I Tried

July 19, 2008

On mission trips often times you are taken away from things that though not bad might be good to either get used to not doing as much or not do at all. On the trip there is no tv, radio, distractions and for me COFFEE! Now I did have a cup here and there. But […]

10K Worth of Something

June 11, 2008

Well not only have I neglected my blog but a long awaited moment of achievement came and past during my neglect. For shame. Despite my neglect there have been 10,000 viewings or visits to my blog. Not too bad for a year. I think the sign above says it all. Thanks Warning Sign Generator. And […]

If My Blog could Speak…

June 11, 2008

Ok I feel bad about breaking one of the cardinal rules of blogging. Neglecting your blog. I never meant for this to become so behind. I have done nothing but work for the last few months. All my time is consumed in other activities. B/c of this my blog feels abandon and forgotten. I even […]

My Cat the Skunk

July 18, 2007

   I have to add some humor to your days. My last few weeks have been stressful so I am hoping to throw some humor out to share a laugh. Anyway we had a cat given to us a few months ago. He is a very nice cat and we all love him. His name […]

Local Dork and Super Model Start at New Church

May 21, 2007

Just had to post that friend Robert Warren started at his new church Southside Christian this weekend.  I am sure he will make a good impression. He and his wife are very nice and good friends. If you want to hear him preach just click the word. Otherwise Congratulations!

Intervention Needed?

May 15, 2007

Worked java jo’z last night. The owner comes in from cincy. Says he found a place up there who roasts coffee. He brought in a 5 pd bag of coffee that had been roasted just that afternoon. Super fresh. He and I cupped it and tried it and compared it to the coffee they currently used. […]

Still Alive!

April 23, 2007

Well I feel like I have neglected my pet the blog. Fortunately it will not be found lifeless in a corner starting to decay. It is actually doing well. But I will say I feel guilty for not being more attentive.  My reasons are numerous. The most consuming is the fact the my family and […]

Separated at Birth?

April 6, 2007

  It was brought up by someone a long time ago that Brandon here and I were separated at birth. I guess this theory was further called into question when the similarities in facial hair was presented. Btw, Brandon cannot take credit for this first. I had this facial hair back in the 90’s when I […]

Shot Down at the Prime Age of 66

March 7, 2007

   Captain America is no more! News today is out after Marvel released its newest issue of CA. Reports say that CA was leaving a courthouse when a snipers bullet took him down. As someone who was an avid reader in my youth it is a sad affair. Of course we can always rely on the […]